Free! User Ranks / Posting Ranks - Customizable for members

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May 25, 2010
The PSD is free for your use. If you don't know how to use the psd to customize them I will do it for you for a price (Credits), see below for pricing.

Please do not redistribute the .psd anywhere else, it is for your personal use only.

Things that can be customized:
- Left Border (where you see the logo in the example): Color & Your custom logo (or removing this if no logo)
- Background Bar Color
- Text Writing & Text Font
- Progress Bar Color
- Border color

Customizations cost 1 Credit each or 10 Credits for a package customization (whichever is cheaper to you)

Preview/Demo -

Download Here


Aug 22, 2010
Bit of a bump but these are awesome, I'm having fun playing with the one I just downloaded. It's sleek and clean, better than what most people can do.
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