1. Jethro

    Movies Another free streaming service

    Okay folks this was sent over my desk, apologise to anyone already aware. Haven't watched anything as yet, still have a pile of discs to get though, but nice collection of real bad Amityville movies.
  2. Kevin

    Movies (Most of the) James Bond movies on US YouTube for free! 😎

    For US YouTube viewers you can temporarily watch most of the James Bond movies for free! I I know, I know, most of you are likely thinking one of two things: (1) Who watches movies on YouTube? or (2) Wait, YouTube has movies? The answer to the latter is that, yes, YouTube has a section where...
  3. A

    Sci-Fi Limited time free Sci Fi books—Starspire Hemisphere and Rewind—by a new South African author

    Both books free effective from 12:00AM 30 December (PST) to 3 January 2020. Starspire Hemisphere Millennia have passed since a global cataclysm changed the face of the world as humankind once knew it. Forced to retreat to a narrow habitable band at the equator, humanity has finally recovered...
  4. Tom

    Movies FilmOn Streaming Channels (FreeTV)

    FilmOn Horror Network. At FilmOn American Horrors. At FilmOn Midnight Releasing. At FilmOn Chillings. At FilmOn Monster Madhouse. At FilmOn Zombie Underworld. At FilmOn Vampire Empire. At FilmOn Creepy Crawly . At FilmOn RSquared. At FilmOn Macabre Theatre. At FilmOn B-Movie...
  5. Alien Soup

    Amazon $50 Gift Card

    Just in time for the holidays win an Amazon $50 Gift Card! :wideeyed: All Alien Soup community members are eligible to enter. Winning is easy, you just need to pick the right answer from a really simple question. Winners will be selected randomly from members who have selected the correct...
  6. Kevin

    Announcements Alien Soup Competitions

    Starting this Friday, November 27, 2015, we are starting competitions here at Alien Soup! :jiggy: The competitions are automated with the entries & winners being handled automatically. For now the competitions are 'quiz' type contests where entrants can choose a single answer from a multiple...
  7. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft (free)

    Future Visions: Original Science Fiction Inspired by Microsoft is a short anthology of sci-fi stories that were inspired by inviting the authors to the Microsoft company research labs. The anthology is, currently, available for free in digital format and includes entries from Elizabeth Bear...
  8. Boreas

    Movies Watch Paramount Movies

    Paramount Has Put More Than 100 Feature Films on Youtube For Free! There's a link to their official youtube channel which contains all kinds of movies including science fiction features, but in case you want to bypass the article and go straight to the channel: The Paramount Vault. Question...
  9. Kevin

    Free! Free Amazon Android App of The Day

    Almost every day Amazon posts a free Android app in their app store for free! :cool: This thread will be updated automatically when each of the free downloads are available. There is a wide range of categories offered, everything from games to utilities to arts. You just never know what might...
  10. Robby

    Free! Free Software Giveaway of the Day

    Stabilize, Secure and Speed Up Your PC with Wise Care 365 PRO! Wise Care 365 includes the fastest scanning engine, it’s a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the best solution to improve your PC’s performance...
  11. Kevin

    Free! Domains for free! / .net / .org

    I have three domains registered at GoDaddy that I will not be developing and will not be renewing. You can have them for free. (y) If nobody wants them then when they expire they'll just go back into the general pool likely to be scooped up. (expires Oct 13, 2013)...
  12. GFXDrop Bot

    Free! User Ranks / Posting Ranks - Customizable for members

    The PSD is free for your use. If you don't know how to use the psd to customize them I will do it for you for a price (Credits), see below for pricing. Please do not redistribute the .psd anywhere else, it is for your personal use only. Things that can be customized: - Left Border (where you...
  13. GFXDrop Bot

    Free! Dark/ Blue navbar background

    Please do not redistribute this image, free for you to use :)
  14. Tom

    Free Audio Books

    LibriVox: free audiobooks Completed works Appleton, Victor. "Tom Swift and the Visitor From Planet X" · (readers) Bradley, Marion Zimmer. "Colors of Space, The" · (readers) Burroughs, Edgar Rice. "Gods of Mars, The" · (readers) Burroughs, Edgar Rice. "Princess of Mars, A" · (readers)...
  15. Tom

    Free e-Books

    Stories, Sorted by Author Each author's page includes some additional information. The homepage given is not always an official one. Cool Sci-Fi Community Members! :thumbs_up: Anthony G. Williams (Anthony G Williams) Simon Poore (Simon Tall) 75% A Daniel...