Utopia is possible... inside a machine!


Hey all,

I am working on a Sci-Fi Thriller short film entitled Utopia, that dives into the possibilities of uploading the human mind into a computer!
On a quest for immortality, scientists send the first man into a digital utopian world void of disease, hardship and death. Have we destroyed God... or become him?

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Creative Writer
Hmm, dystopian stories seem to be more common than utopian ones in the current climate.

I could imagine an alternative story would hit harder:

The same device allowing a sick/disabled person to 'live' a full life inside a virtual environment. Massively advertised by corporations, just expensive enough that people strive to get into it.

The bar for sickness/disability gets lower and lower. To the point where people with sprains and moderate bruising opt to go in temporarily whilst their body recovers.

The corporations then keep the 'customers' inside the virtual system for longer than necessary, to either 1) keep getting money in, or 2) they have a way to put other peoples minds into the bodies which are supposed to be kept in safe storage whilst 'recovering' so that the rich elite can carry out hedonistic pleasures without fear of ruining their image, or maybe the bodies are used to supply cheap workers to the service industry?