V series remake 2010


Avoid A Void
How many of you remember watching V the series back in in 1983 and 1984? I remember sitting down each week and faithfully following it. By todays standards the plot was cheesy and quite predictable yet i didnt care and loved every minute of it.

Now folks, dont get your suspenders in an uproar, they have created a new series that will be coming out around 2010.

This series only reflects the premise of the V (visitors) coming to earth in massive motherships and taking our resources and that is the only constant.

i have put a video here to let everyone see the trailer and judge for yourself.

i will be honest. after watching the trailer i was intrigued with the storyline and look forward to seeing it. i do hope they dont put it on scifi or rather syfy since that will ruin it there.

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The plot only seems cheesy in hindsight... At the time I thought it was great and wished there was more big budget epics like it on telly.

Although I did think the quality dropped for the second series.

This trailer looks great..... roll on 2010
I'll be watching this revamp as well. One part of the clip caught my attention, where the woman says that devotion is the strongest weapon that the aliens could have. It reminded me of the series Earth: The Final Conflict that dealt with a similar theme... aliens arrive on Earth and maintain control over humanity through humans who are devoted to them.
I remember " V" well. The actress played the female leader invaders after appear in Mission Impossible season 2 remake TV series.

Well...I'm an Earth Final Conflict fan and I think is better. ;)

Morena Baccarin...WOOOOOO....