Vaughn's Apartment


Two season's have passed and we haven't stepped foot into vaughn's apartment YET :angry: (neither has syd), anyone got any idea's of what it would be like?

Has he brought himself a coat-rack yet? :thinking:
Has he got pics of sydney (hidden under the bed)?

Got any ideas???
Caro said:
i think he has pics of Syd EVERYWHERE!!! even in his wife's drawer! :lol:
uh ok yeah lets obsessess about a women who is supposadly dead that just great! :rolleyes: but it would be so awsome to see some men are addicted to naked pictures his adicted to his ex!
has anyone seen the video to Dido's 'white flag'?

i think he'll have a wall filled with pictures of her like david boreanaz did in the vid.
kay said:
Caro said:
i think he has pics of Syd EVERYWHERE!!! even in his wife's drawer! :lol:
GREAT!!! then maybe, vaughn's wife can get the message right and clear! :P
yeah!! and then she could leave and go missing for say, 10 years, and then she comes back and Vaughn and Syd are married and have beautiful children and Lauren says to Vaughn "you forgot about us how could you blah blah blah" and Vaughn says "i never loved you, I love Sydney and I always will. Why did you come back, you should leave again, btw, have you met or children, aren't they beautiful?" then Lauren bursts into tears and rides off, into the sunset.
not that i've thought about this at all!
hehehehe! what an awesome senario! i would love to see that! Whiny lauren burst into tears and have her heart broken:sly:
oops that was a little mean of me, but hey! it's lauren- she is married to vaughn- who isn't angry towards her :P
I would really like to see Vaughn's apartment. But speaking of that, does anyone remember the scene, I forget which ep, where Vaughn and Lauren are half naked and changing? Was that his bedroom in his apartment? Or did he sell it when they married?