Sci-Fi Voltron (live action movie)

Jun 19, 2003
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
I read that another 1980's classic robot cartoon is in the works, Voltron. It was a somewhat of a precursor to Power Rangers. It was about five teenagers/young adults who operate robotic lion vehicles that combine to form the giant robot Voltron.

Hopefully, it won't look like the Power Rangers movies. :rolleyes:

Here is a enthusiatic review from someone who got to look at the script. It is going to be a serious Sci-Fi action movie! :D

"VOLTRON is a post apocalyptic movie and a f*cking awesome one at that too. Just the way it should be because that was the setup of both cartoons. A little bit of ROAD WARRIOR, a little bit INDEPENDENCE DAY, a little bit WAR OF THE WORLDS, a little bit of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, a little bit of THE TERMINATOR, and a little bit of THE MATRIX with some STARGATE thrown in for good measure!"