What Game System Should I Own?


An Old Friend
The Gaming Alliance, backed by Steam, is trying to take the fight to the public, showing that pc's are by far the better alternative.

A qwerty keyboard and mouse, who wants a controller on its own? Hell, I can plug a controller into my pc for driving games and enjoy MotoGP2007.

Some guy at Microsoft gaming said they were considering removing buttons of the Xbox360 controller as people don't use them !!!!!! Maybe the games designers aren't thinking through just how many different options the gamers want, but look, jump and fire!

When playing Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2 I doubt in the heat of battle I want to press a button to go up or down one through my inventory of tools and weapons. I just press the number key that is appropriate for it, half a second decision and action, doesn't get me killed swapping stuff like a games console would!

A mate just bought an Xbox360 where he professed no interest in gaming. Suddenly he says he is enjoying playing online in Halo and some other game he has. But the bandwidth for console gaming, the server setups, they just don't have those 64 player plus games, the large maps, the plethora of actions and events.

I even hear story of a cheaper console coming out without the HDD that had previously been used by games designers as virtual ram on the fly, that find it difficult to make good games now without that extra "RAM" available to them!
This is not an accurate plan if you are planning to buy a console.
My best bit for a new console is the PS3.
For me it is the best among the next gen consoles out there.