What's your favourite sport?

My favorite sport of all times is and has always been field hockey. It's not a very popular sport where I come from, but that just makes me love it even more! I know, I'm a dork. :shamefullyembarrased:

I've also been really getting into snowboarding for the past couple years. I'm almost to the point where I love it as much as field hockey, which is INSANE. lol


Aussie Rules!! it's Hard, Spectacular & Unique. It's exciting, Exhilirating, it's Australian Football!! the best game in the world!!!

FIELD hockey is huge in hy school plays i lke it but i would'nt go so far as to say i love it!! SAILING is my addiction im hooked and have been since i was 5 lol i play quite a few other sports as well like Basketball, golf, tennis, swimming and im hoping to takeup ice hockey because an ice rink just opened up in my town so im looking forward to that!! lol



Through to the Rugby World Cup final again!!!

Beating the Aussies, beating the French. All we need now is Argentina beating South Africa, and us thrashing the Argies. That would make it the sweetest victory of all time.