Fantasy Winter's Tale


I'm thrilled that Mark Helprin's "Winter's Tale" is shortly to be released as a movie. What are the chances that it will be half decent? I was disappointed by the Cloud Atlas movie, and hope this won't be a repeat disaster.
I'm not familiar with Winter's Tale (trailer below for those who haven't seen it) source material but from the movie trailer, to be honest, I'm a bit confused on if it is supposed to be a time travel movie, supernatural, or somewhere between. :blush: I suspect then that I am not the targeted demographic for it.

It looks like they are stressing the romance between Peter Lake and Beverley, but the book is more what I'd call an alternate history of New York City.
I finally had a chance to watch this one. :coffee:

As mentioned above, I have not read the book nor was I familiar with the source material before watching the movie. With that said, it wasn't a bad fantasy story set in what could indeed be called an alternate New York. My only problem with it is that the action is so darn slow that after a while I found myself tempted to fast forward some scenes just to get the story moving again. I resisted that temptation but barely.

The trick to this movie I believe is to essentially treat the visuals as a storyboard mock-up and and instead pay very careful attention to the dialog. If you miss just one or two lines of key dialog scenes you might end up having no idea what is going on. In particular, make sure you pay attention to the dialog in the scene when Peter Lake is talking with the man who found Peter when he was an infant.

I do have to admit -- I had to find out what "consumption" was as a disease. If you find yourself watching the movie, "consumption" was an early term used for tuberculosis.