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    Nadia's Spies

    WOW. I haven't been here since 2005!! Why am I here again? :huh: Oh right my undying loyalty to NADIA!! I wonder if this thing is even active?! Anyway, not sure if it matters but I'm adding the latest people who have reqested to join on the list. UPDATED: #1: liliana #2: G$f3arl3ssG$ #3...
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    Season 4 Rate: Echoes

    Why does Nadia keep getting injected with stuff? :blink: Anyway, my reaction: Best. ep. EVER. :thud: NO S/V. Just PURE heart-pounding action. I feel like I just ate chocolate :) I can't believe I'm this happy for Rambaldi to be back. Bring on the 15th century freakshow! He makes it...
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    Nadia's Spies

    Hmm...not sure. 26, 27, maybe?
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    Nadia's Spies

    Sure! You're #36! #1: liliana #2: G$f3arl3ssG$ #3: Alias Anna #4: RaeAlias #5: cute_as_candy #6: Alias_Freak #7: Spirit #8: Slaoneaholic #9: jgmvlover #10: vaughnsmyguy #11: sd6452 #12: Mr Sloane #13: vaughnandsyd4eva #14: sidneymichaelvaughn4ever #15: heenz #16: sfs&v #17: AlexBristow03 #18...
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    Season 4 Evergreen

    I don't think it means she is a newbie. Exactly how many times has she saved Syd's butt?
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    Politics Are you worried Bush will invade more countries?

    Sorry, the quote tags aren't working. 1) No voting is a rational response to an irrantional system, if people don't feel there is someone who represents there views they won't vote. What system are you talking about? 2) I cannot think of one democracy except for maybe some of the countries...
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    Politics Are you worried Bush will invade more countries?

    Apparently, you aren't aware that barely even half the country votes. The highest voter percentage was during the late 19th century, but now it's steadily declined. It is the fact that many people neglect what's going on in their country or they just don't care anymore, and they let those who...
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    Season 4 Nadia Annoying

    But you see, Vaughn's little tasks could have been interchangable with ANYONE. For example, a teacher wants Johnny to fetch her a book on the shelf. However, she could have asked Adam, who's also sitting there, to get her the book instead of Johnny. Get my point? Most of what Vaughn did was...
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    Season 4 Vaughn's proposal speech

    Whew...where is this all going again?
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    Season 4 Rate: Nocturne

    Maybe he just can't fight back at all :whistle: Amen -_-
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    Worst Movies Ever

    Brad Pitt was so horrific in Troy. <<shudder>> Did I care how troubled he was as a great warrior? No! For heaven's sake. What a way to butcher Greek mythology. I just saw The Grudge. Holy mother of sh*t. That movie SUCKED. I wasted $10 this week just to rent these two sh*tfests. I want my money...
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    Petition to keep Alex (Olivia Wilde) on the show

    Okay, I hardly ever watch the OC mainly because Mischa Barton annoys the hell out of me, but Olivia Wilde (I've known her from Skin) got me interested again. Now, if there's anything that makes this show the least bit tolerable, then it's her. So I pray that she stays. You got my vote.
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    Politics "He Shall from Time to Time..."

    Guy should win an Oscar.
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    Politics Secret Lives

    Odds are, you will probably never get to meet the people you interact with on the internet. Whereas in real life, if you make a blunder, you're done for. The person knows what you look like and, if unfortunate enough, your name as well. It's hard to escape it if you have to see them every day...
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    Politics Are you worried Bush will invade more countries?

    Well, not all American media is pro-Bush, but most of America IS conservative. I take it the sarcasm is just to poke fun. What I'm saying is that you have no idea how clueless Americans are about their own government and the things that go on every day. Hell, people in a different country know...
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