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    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD

    I'm sure everone can find a place to but their used dvds...that's what I plan on doing. That or ebay.
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    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD

    I found it :D sneaky 47 :P
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    Need Help With Missing Songs Omitted

    1 - Giacchino 2 - Not sure, probably Giacchino 3 - Giacchino He did a lot of electronic work especially during the first season, so it's not a stretch to say he composed them.
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    Season 5 DVD & Complete Series DVD is reporting that there will be a Rambaldi-themed complete five seasons box set coming out this fall., you can sign up and get updates I guess. I'm thinking I might trade in my other four seasons at a store that sells used CDs/DVDs instead of getting two copies...
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    2.18 Yesterday

    I think this is a little everyone's accusing Meredith of being such a bad person. On any other show when something like this happens, it's because the character has "needs." This has always irked me because it's a cheap answer to why someone would use another person for sex. But...
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    the numbers

    I think all this stuff is too much. Sure you can read into something far, we do it all the time with Alias, but I think this beats it all. Seriously, the numbers "4" "8" "15" "16" "23" and "42" are all REGULAR numbers and are going to show up repeatedly, especially 4, I mean it's a freaking...
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    Song lyrics that dont make sense

    Heh that song is like....strangely popular just because of that weird guy on the internet =b
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    The 23rd Psalm

    Good catch, I didn't think of that :cool:
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    My new av. Pic is from Grey's Anatomy, light stock from DB!!!! I love 'em salad!
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    WHOA. :mellow: Did not know that..THANKS! Great icons too ^_^
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    I know I used to do the same thing! And then I learned that setting the pic to 100 height and moving it to a new 100x100 canvas allowed me to position it however i wanted as long as the pic was wide enough.
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Dana, you do very good coloring! One thing that I would suggest is to not resize the pics by hand, because sometimes it gives them a stretched / flat look if you know what I mean.
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    The 23rd Psalm

    I don't think "it" was scared of Eko. Remember back in S1 when Locke first sees the monster? He looks upon it with awe, not fear. He does not try to run away or attack it. As shown by the reflections in the smoke in this episode, "it" can access people's memories / read their emotions? Eko...
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    Feb. 21, 2006. I liked Rent alot. :)
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Umm your amazing?
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