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    Season 5 I'll take care of it.

    yeah that was wierd. I didn't get it.
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    I felt that Alias has really run out of plots. It has become so predictable and stupid. I've watched alias all five season, never missed an ep. I just want to see how it ends,
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    A-Z of Grey's Anatomy!

    Quizzing Alex for the MCATS
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    Alias Return + Finale Dates

    It's wierd that there is a final date for Alias. It started my Senior yr in HIgh school and now I'm graduating from college. For me so much have changed.
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    Season 5 React: Bob

    LOVED this Ep!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a huge sark fan. I have to say the romance plot line sounded a lot like some of the Sarkney smut i've read. Hope they will have sark more.
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    Season 5 Sloane

    I think he;ll try to bring dean down on his own
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    Season 5 React: Solo

    I liked it. RACHEL DID FINE SOLo
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    Season 5 React: Out of the Box

    I like having the old sloane back. He is too creepy when he is nice.
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    Season 5 Tonight's Episode

    I don't get why they had to get rid of Weiss I loved his character
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    Season 5 Ratings

    I wish it was either before or after lost instead on thursdays
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    Season 5 Rachel - the new Sydney?

    I really like this new girl. I like how sh'es more emotional and a tech expert instead of a kidass agent
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    Season 5 amy acker/kelly peyton

    glad she's on Alias. She's great I just wish she wasn't evil.
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    Season 5 Rate: "Mockingbird"

    I enjoyed to ep. Odd seeing Fred from Angel be evil
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