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    Hey Everyone I m back

    Thanks for the warm welcomes.
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    What songs remind you of your fave celebrities?

    every song that is played on Alias reminds me of Miss Garner
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    Classical Music

    Yeah classical music rocks. I have a very broad musical background in piano and all that stuff so I have a lot of appreciation for classica music. But at the same time I have this new age influence. So thank God there is progressive! EDIT: oh yeah i voted nothing against it.
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    Cover Me

    Does anyone here listen to house? I love Gwen Stephani house covers!! They rock! Well I like some pop music, but when its remixed by a wicked producure in to EDM its like 1000 times better.
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    How u listen to music?

    In my car and room on CD My computer MP3 On my turntables Vinyl But most importantly LOUD!!!
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Usually when I just want to chill i grab a ministry of sound chillout mix. They are usually full of downtemp, progressive house, some melodic trance. Great stuff. I also love progressive breaks, does it for me everytime. I love the warm summer days when all you want to do is nothing but...
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    What's ur current most fav song?

    Probably Armin Van Buuren - Communication I ve loved this song ever since the first time i herad it. Its amazing!
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    Rap Music

    I used to listen to rap music religiously back when I was in junior high and high school. Ever since then I've hated it with a passion. Rap has totally lost it. Everything they play today on the radio is garbage. Dont get me wrong, I m only generalizing, there are songs that are great, but...
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    jam x and de leon - Blue Monday (Original Mix) i remember earlier this year i heard those guys live, they just layed down the track and the whole place went crazy! It was simply amazing. And just last night Rank 1 played the track too and again the place went off the hook.
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    Sarah McLachlan

    shes great i downloaded all her albums and own all her remixed stuff on vinyl.
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    Songs you get mixed up...

    I get Jan Johnston - Venus and Conjure One - Tears from the Moon mixed up all the time
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    Of these 3 shows Jen was a regular in...

    who makes these threads? :D i voted Alias obviously
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    How is Jennifer Garner for you?

    this is one biased thread. i dont even know the difference between half the options.
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    What does Jennifer mean to you?

    This is one deep thread :D As all you have already said she is so simple down to earth etc.. Thats why shes cool she doesn't seem like your typical hollywood b****. Oh yeah and shes fuggin hot!
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    Connected V.8

    Holy felgercarb last night I was just at hte show, I get VIP passes from my work and it was wicked. THe whole night I was partying with Rank 1, BX Nick Sentience and crew. Wicked show.