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Well, here we here, getting close to the end of another year at Alien Soup. We've gone through some changes in recent years, with a name change and new design, but some things remain the same. In particular.... still no advertising! (y)

Every so often the topic about displaying ads here at AS comes up, either from people who want to buy advertising spots here or from other forum admins who wonder why I don't do it. The answer at the moment is the same as it has always been. This site is a hobby, my little digital space in an ever so increasing online world, and others who are looking for a place to hangout are always welcome. Reading, photography, online forums, shiny toys... all hobbies of mine that Mrs. Kevin is kind enough to overlook in the budget. ;)

Plus, to be honest, if I added any kind of display ads here it would make me pretty hypocritical because I use AdBlock+ in my browser and personally hate visiting sites that are plastered with ads to the point where the entire purpose of the sites seems more about the ads than the content.

That is not to say that our community is totally devoid of promotion as there are spots where you might see something. For example, we welcome authors and other artists with open arms to our community and have no problems with them posting links to their latest publications on Amazon. If an author likes our community enough to become a member than by all means they're welcome to promote their works. The same with video content creators or artists in other mediums. As long as they are active in our community and promote, not spam, then they are good to go.

So, if you've been wondering why you don't see ads here or if you've been wondering if you can advertise here, there's your answer. And for anybody who emails me asking about advertising don't be surprised when I respond back pointing you in the direction of this thread. ;)
I was coming here well before we had a sci-fi series and I for one am glad you don't allow ads. I've been on many forums over the years and left almost as many, because the sites went almost totally commercial. One was so bad every post on every thread had some kind of ad on it. One page of responses might have as high as 30 ads. YUK! I do not have a problem with a forum owner making a profit for their efforts but when commerce becomes the main reason for the site I quietly move on.

I also appreciate that authors and artists can post a link or an occasional reference to a Kindle sale. That is very kind and certainly makes us feel welcome. Of course, we do not want to take advantage by constantly posting sales. We too are here to enjoy the sci-fi and comradery of the group. We are very much interested in hearing and seeing what the other people here have to say and share.

Alien Soup is a great place for sci-fi heroines and aliens alike! :blush: