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Season 2 Alias -- 3-30-03 -- Summary and Comments!

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Mar 30, 2003.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – 3-30-03 -- Summary and Comments!

    Note: This is a Fictional Spy Show on a Spy Family with connections to the CIA any references to CIA and American views is loosely based on events of the times and purely fictional and not to be taken literally … Not Real World Issues only a story written by writers for television viewing enjoyment!!!

    Spy Mom and Sloane … Sloane wants to know who killed his wife… Spy Mom tries to encourage him on the Quest of Rambaldi to distract him from his grief over Emily! :ph34r: :(

    Sydney talks to Kaplan’s wife for information to help rescue her husband… :)

    Spy Mom with Kaplan the Scientist… Spy Mom says his family is alive and they let them go home and that he can call his house… but when he hears his wife answer but she cannot hear him speaking on the other end of the phone … :ph34r:

    Syd and Vaughn are in bed together talking about the wife of the Scientist she was too hard on her… Vaughn stands up and doesn’t have a shirt on and is in his boxer shorts (something for the ladies to drool over)! Sydney gives him a drawer for his clothes so he doesn’t have to keep carry them over in a gym bag… :redhair: :shamefullyembarrased: :woot:

    Syd traces the calls of the wife and thinks they got a lead … it Russian … a FAX … received saying “End Game” was intercepted by the CIA as explained by Sydney …The wife of the Scientist was a Russian Spy like Spy Mom the fax means a suicide pill has been activated on Kaplan… The wife says she had fallen in love with Kaplan and is willing to commit treason against the Russian Government to get her husband back alive to her and her son… :angelic:

    Spy Dad says to Sydney that the wife was either considered a defector or should be on trail for espionage Jack is saying this because she reminds him of Irina, Spy Mom, (a sore spot ) thinking of his own betrayal by Irina… :redhair: :mad:

    Spy Dad doesn’t want Sydney pursuing the lead and argues with her on it… Sydney goes behind Spy Dad’s back and wishes … Syd has a recording in her watch to the wife asking for access codes to be tapped out by the wife in morose code… Sydney is going on her own to get Kaplan… :cool:

    Kaplan tries to strangle Spy Mom… Sloane pulls a gun on him and Spy Mom pulls Sloane off of the Scientists saying they still need his help… :ph34r: :ph34r:

    Dixon with his wife talking about the transfer to an Analyst job like Will now his wife supports his decision as a field agent but Dixon says he is transferring for them… Diane, his wife, says he is the most decent man she knows and is by his side… (A stand by your Man kind of Gal)… :) :rolleyes:

    Spy Dad is having Sydney followed and seems to know his daughter is working against his wishes… Syd gives some kind of code to Vaughn but Vaughn doesn’t understand it… Sydney in disguise to fit in with a group of girls in a photo/drug store conversation… to dodge Dad’s trackers… ;) :redhair:

    Vaughn figures out the code that Sydney is going to Russia…

    Vaughn at the CIA with Spy Dad …

    Spy Dad wants Vaughn to give information to him after Sydney contacts him again…

    Sydney in a cowgirl outfit in Russian Bar type Rodeo scene hangout… to get some information from a guy at the bar after riding some mechanical saddle for eight seconds… ;) :redhair:

    Spy Dad is really cold while interrogating the Scientist’s wife who now is in a CIA prison probably Irina’s old cell… threatens to take the wife’s son away from her… :mad: :(

    Sydney calls Vaughn on Weiss’ phone … Vaughn warns Syd… Vaughn says he is joining her in the mission … Weiss says Jack will shoot him in the face and Weiss says if we end up sharing a prison cell together he is not giving him a drawer like Syd did at her apartment… LOL :LOL:

    Evil Francie does something to Will’s cell phone… Will runs into Marshall… Evil Francie has just hacked into the CIA computer using the cell phone planted on Will… :ph34r:

    Sydney meets Vaughn in Russia …

    Sloane discovers that Dixon is the one who shot Emily… and orders another mission against Dixon… :ph34r:

    Syd and Vaughn armed and on the move to retrieve Kaplan… catch up and find Kaplan… Sydney tells him about his wife he says he knows about her because NSA recruited him (I was confused on this point who is NSA is a government agent for us the United States of America or some other governmental agency that is foreign???) …

    Sydney says she has to extract the poison that his wife’s handlers planted into him… she cuts out of his wrist the poison a very bloody scene and I glad she said look away because I did so when she cut it out…

    Vaughn is on the roof looking for Sark but he has disappeared and escapes from sight… :ph34r:

    Los Angeles… Kaplan back at the CIA sees his wife… Spy Dad confronts Sydney and says he has left Vaughn out of it… and granted Defector status to Kaplan’s wife because she isn’t like Irina and he seems to realize this fact that she genuinely loves her husband and defected from Russia… :angelic: :)

    But Spy Dad’s says if you, Sydney, try to get around me again I have you, Sydney, transferred to another unit and you won’t be inside the Loop anymore…(How has Spy Dad managed to get in Charge of the CIA???… he seems to be calling the shots now…)

    Marshall says to Jack he has found out that someone has hacked into the computer from with inside the CIA…

    Vaughn and Sydney are having Dinner with Dixon and his wife, Diane together…

    Wife goes to get into the car before Dixon does and Francie has just blown it up (Sloane’s Eye for an Eye revenge or A Wife for A Wife revenge on Dixon) Dixon’s wife has been killed in a car bomb explosion planted by Evil Double Francie… :ph34r: :(

    Another exciting episode of Alias tonight with some good twists to the story line! :D :)


    Will Sloane still be motivated to get the Rambaldi secrets or will it just be Spy Mom’s Obsession from now on and where does Sark fit in this triangle?

    Now that Vaughn has seen Sydney apartment when will Syd she his will they ever have their love making over his place?

    How long will it take them to catch on to evil Francie?

    It seems that Marshall is the first to find signs due to the fact of Francie’s hacking but they probably think that Will is the guilty one not her… why should they think it is her???

    Rumor has it that the next episode isn’t for another month until the end of April… Plenty of time to speculated on what will happen next on ALIAS!!! ;) :)

    Tune in next month for another exciting episode of ALIAS!!! :D :cool:

    Enjoy your day and evening! :D ;) :)

  2. nancee

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    Feb 26, 2003
    from da hood
    o0o0o doin it at his palce.....haha....thatd be good..more privacy...<=)

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