Alien Planet Bitmap Collection


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
I have created a selection of Alien Planet bitmaps that are designed for gaming and other 3d rendering.
Most are Spherical 360 Lat-Long, others are Cross style, all are seamless. 38 maps and growing.
Available at Gumroad.
You should do a package of Darwin IV for Celestia Motherlode.
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Before uploading, please check if your addon is really ready for wider distribution. It helps to look at your Addon from the point of view of those who will download it:

Does it offer something new (check the catalog for similar Addons), or in better quality? Will other people find it actually interesting?
Did you include a README file which explains all the details about your Addon, including installation? Always include an english readme, and provide other languages in addition if you want.
The Addon should work simply by decompressing it into Celestia's extras-folder and restarting Celestia. Only in rare circumstance should a user need to modify other files.
Try to keep the Addon small - not everybody has a broadband access to the Internet, and many big files put additional load to the servers the Celestia Motherlode is hosted at. Avoid PNG textures unless you need their special capabilites (like transparency). Use normal quality settings when saving JPG files, maximum quality only gives slightly better quality but much larger files. Don't artificially increase the resolution of textures.
Addons should be packaged in ZIP files with standard compression. Don't use RAR, ACE, self-extracting ZIP-files etc. Under rare circumstances other formats provide much better compression then ZIP, so other formats could be provided in addition - however this should be avoided unless necessary.
Keep in mind that Celestia is a multi-platform program. Other platforms (Linux/Unix) don't consider the file "abc.jpg" and "ABC.jpg" equal, so you should enter all filenames carefully with correct case. Make sure directories like "textures\medres" or "models" are written all lowercase. Keeping everything lowercase and without blank spaces is probably the easiest solution. This is particularly important when creating 3DS or CMOD files.
You must use only letters, numbers, underscore, and minus in file names. All other characters will cause problems of one kind or another.
Also read our Add-on Installation page and ensure that the described installation procedure fits to your add-on.
We try to avoid executable files for a number of reasons, so unless we have a good reason and some trust in it's creator we won't host executables.
Use an authentic email address! We will not publish an add-on (we even do not check but discard it unseen) when it was uploaded with an obviously disposable email address or other suspicious addresses (e.g. In such cases we will not inform the sender.
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