Another film I am trying to find...


Okay, seems I am having no luck with finding the first film I saw as a kid. Here is another one...

I'm guessing made in the 60's
Explorers on Mars (I think it's Mars, could be Venus)
They discover a dead civilization
The scene I remember is a great hallway/tunnel/chamber where they are looking at the corpse of one of the Martians through dirty glass (like a sleep chamber but I think it was meant to be a crypt). The floor is covered with sand, as the civilization is in ruins. The Martian looks insect-like (Praying Mantis like head). They're discussing the extinction of the civilization and wondering what they were like while standing in front of the dead Martian. I don't think they ever see any live Martians in the movie, but come across their technology.

I've looked at clips of THE ANGRY RED PLANET and it isn't the film.

Not Mars I know, but....

Could it be the 1964 version of HG Wells' First men on the Moon ?

Just a guess, but I remember seeing it as a kid as well.

happy memories :confused:
First Men in the Moon is a good guess, especially since it has scenes in tunnels like you describe, but it also has insectoid aliens and they end up battling alien life forms, so if there was nothing like that in the film you're trying to find, that probably isn't the one.

I thought perhaps it was Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964) as I remember he digs up a skeleton, but again that movie ends up with aliens in it.

If it was a movie in the 1960's, perhaps its in this list: