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Do you keep theater 3d movie glasses?

  • Yeah, I keep the glasses

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  • Nah, I just throw them away

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  • I recycle them using the bins provided

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  • I don't go to theaters

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  • I don't watch movies in 3d

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  • I have my own custom pair of 3d movie glasses

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An Old Friend
I was cleaning out my junk closet in the spare bedroom.
In the various boxes I found 23 pairs of 3d movie glasses I kept for some reason?
In addition, I know I have at least two more pairs in the console in my truck.

The next 3d film I am planning to see is Godzilla King of the Monsters.
Gotta remember to bag up all those glasses and return them for recycle.

I do have a scrapbook where I keep my movie stubs.
I'm wondering if there are any other artifacts y'all keep when you go see a movie?


An Old Friend
I'm wondering if any theaters you have been to offer collector cups?
I have a collection of zoo and amusement park cups with lids, handles and straws.
I think it would be cool if theaters sold film collector cups like that.
What do you think about it?