Canceled games you'd like to see revived?


Multiplayer Battletech: 3015
Aliens RPG
Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans
Dune Generations
Star Trek: Secrets of Vulcan Fury
Command & Conquer: Continuum
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Incursion
Command & Conquer: Renegade 2
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III
Star Wars: Imperial Commando
Cube 2: Eisenstern
Star Wars: Smuggler
Sonic X-treme
Kirby (GameCube)
Castlevania: Resurrection
City of the Dead
Total Annihilation II
Warhammer: Dark Crusaders
Alien vs Predator: Nightmare on Ryushi
Stargate SG-1: The Alliance
Stargate (SNES)
Halo MMO
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis
Medal of Honor: Fighter Commander
Jurassic Park: Survival
True Fantasy Live Online
Star Fox 2
Super Mario World 3
64 Wars
Dinosaur Planet
Space Shuttle Project 64
Star Fox 64 2
Super Mario 64 2
Survivor: Day One
Echo Delta
Animal Crossing 2
Donkey Kong Racing
Dead Rush
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2
Meowth's Party
Super Mario 128
Halo DS
Ultima Worlds Online: Origin
Dungeon Keeper 3
Zero-G Marines
Castlevania: The Bloodletting
Network Biohazard
Killing Day
Endless Saga
Alpha Protocol 2
Duke Nukem: Endangered Species
Stargate Worlds

Postponed Games That Should Be Unpostponed
StarCraft: Ghost
Duke Nukem Forever
Firefly MMO
Buffy the Vampire Slayer MMO
Half-Life 2: Episode Three
Freelancer II, Full Throttle II, Starfleet Command IV, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Wing Commander VI, Hexen, Heretic, Witcheaven, Baldur's Gate (where the hell is the sequel - scr*** the NWN II and Dragon Age (don't kill me folks, but it ain't even close to it's father))?!)


Writing Fool
Excitebike and Gauntlet...but I don't want them updated to new technology. I just want to be able to play them both in their original versions on my Wii...


Quirky Sci-Fi Enthusiast
I loved Dino Crisis on the Playstation and I wish someone would make a decent tombraider. I know I am totally dating myself and my age by saying that lol. But they just don't make them like they used to.


Artist, Cartoonist and Dude
I've always liked the old Tecmo Bowl football games. Granted, they don't compare to the Madden games, but they were fun none the less. The Castlevania and Legend of Zelda titles were cool too.