Collect.......Yourself! 3d printing produces heads for action figures


Creative Writer
This is great! No idea of the cost to (adult) customers, but GREAT!

These seem quite fragile unfortunately, definitely display shelf pieces, so a parent hoping to create a dolls head for their child to console themselves with when the parent is away will be disappointed.



Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
That's amazing! I want my head on Jonathan Frakes body wearing a Star Trek Next Generation uniform. I'd also like my head on Marvel Comics Wolverine's black & yellow costume, and on Captain Marvel's Blue & Red costume (with my dark brown hair & one with all white hair).

Here's a few more body choices:

Aragron from Lord of the Rings.

The Incredible Two Headed Transplanet (evil head)

The Manster (the human looking head)

Batman (black costume & classic blue and grey costume)

Frankentein's Monster (Glen Strange version)

Captain America (classic outfit)

Captain Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean)

and more................:D