Sci-Fi Connor Clover and the Lost Children

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Connor Clover and the Lost Children (256 pages) is the first book in a trilogy. It is an amazing novel for all the family to read, which is rather rare nowadays. I feel so passionately about book that I wanted others to know about it, after all, it was only through hearing someone else talk about it that I wanted to others to know about it too.

I'm a woman in my late 30's and was captivated by the characters and the plot that followed. I was hooked on the first page. It is about a young boy who discovers his destiny is not to be bossed about by his hideous aunt and uncle but to be the living host to an alien starstone from another galaxy. The book tells the story of how he discovers that aliens (star-spirits) are real and how, with his very unusual friends with strange gifts and powers, he attempts to escape an evil Master of Darkness, known as Definastine.

I bought a hard copy a few years back but noticed it was on Kindle and free for those who have prime. It is ultimately, in my opinion, a book about good against evil and how, despite our differences, we should learn to get on together. There are some funny moments too, which made me chuckle!

For anyone who wants to find out more I came across the authors website on: Log into Facebook.