What scifi story beings had a large arm and 2 smaller arms...


Years ago in Analog I think was a story about beings who had a large arm and 2 smaller ones their civilization had been pretty much destroyed because some of them had blown up their moon and it rained down on them very hard. The story takes place years after that event but there are still not infrequent cases of material still falling on them, so much that they have not brought back highways and motor vehicles. They do ride bicycles and have built walls along the bike trails at an angle over them because most of the incoming material comes from the same direction due I believe to the rotation of the planet. That's how I remember the story at least. Does it ring a bell with anyone?


Maine, USA
David, I'm not familiar with that one but it sounds interesting. Unfortunately my 'Google Kung-Fu' is failing me tonight as I can't come up with anything, sorry.

It is making me ponder if it is time for me re-read Analog. (y)
I'm pretty sure I found it: analog Jan 4, 1982 "The Scourge" by James White. There might be a full book by another name or maybe the story is part of a larger book. Maybe it will say in the copy of analog which I ordered from ebay.

From analog during that time period I also learned about "The Integral Trees", "Dragonstar" and "Rocheworld" all of which I found to have some great concepts and all had more than one book in the series so got to enjoy a good bit of reading from each.