Sci-Fi Doctor Who (2005-2021) [NuWho]


Title: Doctor Who

Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

First aired: 2005-03-26

Creator: Sydney Newman, Donald Wilson, C. E. Webber

Cast: Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, John Bishop, Jacob Anderson

Overview: The Doctor is a Time Lord: a 900 year old alien with 2 hearts, part of a gifted civilization who mastered time travel. The Doctor saves planets for a living—more of a hobby actually, and the Doctor's very, very good at it.
Doctor Who (2005-2021) [NuWho]

Where is the topic on this? Judging from the lack of conversation on it...I'm gonna guess people are hating it? Well I love it, and if you do too, come and chat about it here!

Jai :rain:
I thought it was terrific. Fast, funny, has good special effects & great chemistry between Eccleston & Piper (surprisingly).

I thought i'd hate it 'cos I think the old Doctor Who shows are just ridiculous, but this is how it should be, 21st century style. Let's hope it keeps the excellence of the first two eps. (y)
yay!!! I kept asking people if they watched it and everyone was idnoring me.

it's really good because it's so rediculous

but the last human thing anyone else think that was a blatent theft from hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?

anyway yeah it sems good but i can't believe christopher ecelston is just gonna leave!
^:lol: ...but I don't see say:
m<o>j Yesterday, 11:38 PM
AJB Today, 10:42 AM
....:thinking:...what do you guys see?

Jai :rain:
Oh, hang on, we've not been looking properly. You sent it PM last night. I can speak for I'm an aliasaholic & myself when I say we are both VERY stupid today.

Doesn't look like it was the Doctor, after all. :(
i missed saturdays ep (n) completely forgot it was on
i did watch the fist ep though....the evil bins made me laugh lol
Is christopher ecelston staying or leaving now??
i heard that he was leaving and then i heard he was back....apparently the guy that played Casanova on bb3 was being considered as the new Dr Who
No, Eccleston is leaving. He said he'd stay for a few seasons, but backed out & has left the BBC pissed-off, apparently.

Shame, cos I think he does it really well. Makes it much more accessible instead of some posh ponce in a bright cravat.

Which means, of course, whoever plays the Doctor next will be a posh ponce in a bright cravat!...
ahh bugger! such a moron...he was so good as the doctor...

god..i bet i will hate the new doctor and go back to not watching it
this is the first time i have actually liked it
Same here, the old ones are s***.

And what's going on with people our parents age saying they use to get scared when the Daleks came on?. How could anyone be scared by a big metal walnut whip with a plunger on it's head?. I've NEVER got that!

But, yeah, if they get a Doctor like the old ones i'll switch off. Unless Billie goes nude. :P
they used to get on my nut!

:lol: i like that desciption of the Daleks...they make me laugh... exterminate hehe

oh thats a shock..naked billie and you would love the show!
Well considering it's written by the geezer who wrote Queer as Folk, i'm surprised the Doctor & Rose haven't started licking each other's arseholes out yet.

Maybe that's next week. :P
^ I'm sure it is...:rollseyes:

Yeah...anytime I saw repeats or clips of the old didn't really interest me...apart from the theme tune...although my friend Megan thinks the theme tune goes:
"Doctor Whooooo

apparently the guy that played Casanova on bb3 was being considered as the new Dr Who
Yeah, I heard about that too...hmmm.
Anyway...why are seasons always so short here...13 episodes does not make a full season...:nonono:

Jai :rain:
True, but it's more than I thought they'd give it. Usually BBC dramas only get about six or eight, so it's finished just as you get into it. I think the reason we do less is simple: money.
The Yanks have spoiled us. That's why I rarely watch British TV drama. I like Hustle, they should do more episodes. And Robert Vaughn would be great here on Alias.

That why I like Who, it's got that US feel to it that our dramas need. All we need now is the BBC to stump up the money for 22 episode seasons & we could be well away. (y)
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