Sci-Fi Doctor Who (BBC current version)


She is foxy though. C'mon, you've got to admit that.

And you're right about the BBC. Can you ever imagine seeing something as polished, sleek and just downright bloody brilliant as Authorised Personnel Only as one of their dramas?. I don't think so.

(You may have noticed, I REALLY loved APO yesterday!)
nope! she is not my type....annoys me too much to find her attractive lol

nope! like we could make something as good as that....we are too cheap!
i liked was good....the opening was brilliant


Wasn't it?. A blonde JG in skimpy white lingerie strutting in to the tone of Ella James 'At Last...'. It don't get much better than that, does it?.

They should try that on Doctor Who with Billie, but in their case it'd probably be Tainted Love or Toxic, wouldn't it, going by last Saturday's ep. :D
i know! what a way to see her in that very sexy babydoll....i liked the schoolgirl outfit as well lol

oh just know it would be Toxic :puke: hehe
the timings are still not making sence for me they both say am? freaky and it would be in the Dr Who thread!

Apparently my dad said Dr Who can only remorph 12 times or something what number is this one?

te he he Darlicks, wonder if we'll get them again i didn't like the old who eather


*scorns at Hustle-watching person* If you're watching Hustle, you're not watching CSI! *contradicts self* Last weeks eppe...hmmm seemed a bit to 'TPTB watched a bit of Alias', y'know, with the museum...very Syd...with the teeth.

Well the cover of the Guardian guide the other week had Daleks on Louise...and something about them being able to fly now too.

I guess maybe flight is the key to frightening todays youth...?

Jai :rain:
Ugh Hustle :puke: hehe
i love me some CSI!!

yep apparently the buggers can fly up stairs and all that....cos that made me laugh in the old versions....any stairs and they were screwed hehe


What's with all the Hustle-hating?. It's better than most other felgercarb BBC drama & it's better than CSI (same plot every week :asleep: )

Flying Daleks?. Bloody hell, what next?. Castors on the Tardis?... :D
i liked spooks when that guy was in it - Matthew MacFadyen as Tom Quinn....i liked it when he was in it...then he left and then woman up and left and i just didn't like it anymore

but the beginning it was bloody brilliant


Anyone see last Saturday's ep. Best one yet for me. Simon Callow was great as Dickens "What the Shakespeare?!..." :D . Mind you, it was written by Mark Gatiss off the League of Gentleman, so it was bound to be good.


Yeah, what was going on with that pig?!. Only a British sci-fi show would do that, wouldn't it?. Pigs from outer space!

But overall, the ep was good. I'm still in shock how good the new series has been actually. And for once, the aliens in it creeped me out. I freaked a little when those lights started coming out their heads. :blink:
lol yep...only us...we are f***ed up that way hehe

yeah it is good...i actually try to be in or at least tape it..
i got a tad pissed off when i missed an episode

awww they freaked you out hehe

the nasty little buggers from the previous ep...the ones coming across the 'bridge'..they were good lol


Oh, those gas things?. Yeah, they were pretty creepy. Lying bastards an'all, weren't they?

Wonder what happens next week?. Looks like an all out war with those freaky things, going by the preview.
yeah...poor maid woman...lying to her

i know...i am out but i am gonna tape it and i can't wait to see what happens....want to see how they all stop being fried by their badges

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