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Just a couple titles to peak your interest...They have trailers too!


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is this humour?

i laughed, but it was more sardonic than titillating.

you should be showing :

the incredible low budgeted - assault on precinct 13

the stupendously shot desert road racing scenes in - Banzai Runner

er, thats about i recognise actually, snigg er!


Code Monkey
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Moon 44.... That isn't new, is it? Wasn't that a b-movie a few years back with Michael Pare?

And didn't we just see a "Timescape"-esque movie this past summer from Crichton?


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Moon 44 is bad, real bad special effects like thunderbirds craft on wires. really bad storyline. what do you expect? it's got michael pare in it!

Timescape has only one redeeming factor - jeff daniels, the rest is ludicrous toshwith bit parts played like film crew accidently walking through the sets

now Timeline, read the book. limited, should have been a short story, not a novel, the film was changed, but just as bad. the storyline is just out of this millenium, ie. it belongs back in the 1980's, not last year!

the only good book crichton wrote was Airframe. you have to look through the extremely unlikely heroine getting out of scrapes and focus on the technical and moral details around charter plane maintenance.