Announcements Giphy comes to Alien Soup!


Code Monkey
Staff member
We are experimenting with a new feature... Giphy integration right from the editor!

Sometimes a GIF image sums up a reaction better than words but it can a pain sometimes to open a second browser window, search for the image, copy & paste the URL, or upload it as an attachment, and then be able to use it in your post. Now you can just click on the "Giphy" icon right in the editor. :D

To use it, click on the "Gifphy" icon in the editor...

You'll then see a search box...

Enter what you're looking for, like "cool", and click the 'Search' button; you'll now see a list of matching Giphy images...

Just click on the one you like and it'll be inserted in your post!

That's it, have fun, enjoy. Try not to abuse it too much! :P