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I have been searching for an old movie for some time, that I cannot find, and I am hoping you could help me remember the title of it. This turned out to be a longer post than I intended, but I'm hoping the details might jog some of your memories. :smiley:

In the late 1980s or early 1990s I watched a movie on TV where the plot was that a selected group of astronauts from a future earth where selected for a long space flight operation, where I believe the goal was to colonize another planet in another galaxy.
I believe it had a crew of 4 men and 3 women.

The spaceship was large and had no weapons of its own. It had a computer with an artificial intelligence, somewhat like Commander Data, only it had a female voice and had no "body" of its own. Its purpose was to operate the spacecraft.

The crew was ordered, if I remember correctly, to rendezvous with some 4 or 5 other ships and dock with them, to create a gigantic spaceship. The other ships had weapons and had already docked with each other and formed a large ship. This last ship, which was the focus of the movie, was the last piece in the puzzle. It was also an important pice of the puzzle as it was revealed that it's computer was designed to operate the complete ship, consisting of all of all of the ships.

During the flight towards the rendezvous point, they encountered someone stranded in space, which turned out to be some sort of a human looking robot or a man who's brain or mind was altered. It's purpose was to sabotage or destroy spaceships. It created a little havoc on the bridge, resulting in damaging, but not destroying, the ship's computer. The robot then decided to disobey it's programing for some reason by not destroying the ship, which resulted in it self beeing destroyed of deactivated due to an internal failsafe function of some sort.

The captain of the other ships warned them about the robot, as he had encounterd these robots before.

They ended up fighting the other ships, using their satelite dish to reflect the sunlight on to the other ship, and damaging their weapons, and escaped. I think it was because they found out that the captain of the other ships, which was to control this ship also, had a hidden, sinister plan. So they fought them and ended up travelling to the new planet alone.

At the end of the movie, it turned out that the female computer A.I. revealed that it had falling in love with one of the male crew members, which at that point was the only one in the crew without a girlfriend. The others had found each other during the flight.

The movie ended with the ship and its crew arived at a new planet, looking like the earth.
possibly 'Nightflyers', 1987; an exploration ship with a small crew investigating a legendary phenomenon, is plagued by a psycho computer (the captain's mother?)

saw it in theater. very disapponted; instead of a scifi adventure basically a slasher flick as the computer starts killing off the crew.

Nightflyers (1987) - IMDb
do you remember a witch scene? sounds like the plot of a flim spoofed by MST3K. something about a space-ark type plot. 'Space Mutiny'
do you remember a witch scene?
No. :smiley:
sounds like the plot of a flim spoofed by MST3K. something about a space-ark type plot. 'Space Mutiny'
Not that one either. But we're moving closer. :smiley:

The crew who left earth is the same crew in the final scene of the movie. And I believe they made it to the planet.
And the crew of the ship who played the lead role in the movie, where 4 men and 3 women.

Oh, one more thing. Thew ship's computer A.I. was based on a young woman (from their earth). It even had her voice, and a photo of her on file.
Sometimes it really annoys me that I cannot find this movie.
I remember most of the plot, still remember the face of the captain. And I've only seen it once, some 20 or so years ago....