HTML5 Based SciFi MMO


Hey guys, we are currently in the process of developing a browser-based sci-fi mmo. It uses neither flash, nor java to display graphics. Instead, it makes full use of modern HTML5 standards (well, just about a standard now) to do background audio, sound effects, and rendering. We have about 5 active testers right now but would like that number to hit closer to 15-20 so that we can test features quicker, and on a wider array of platforms. It is currently an invite-only system as the game is in the early phases of development, and we only want people who don't mind (and are serious) actually helping test features. Testers who stick around the longest will be rewarded with lifetime subs, so if you do not think you'd like playing the game when it is completed, you most likely wont want to test either.
Here is an extremely brief overview of how the game will play:

  • Real-time 2D animation and sound effects via modern HTML5 canvas and audio elements
  • No plugins of any kind, pure and true browser-based game
  • All players on the same game instance, even across multiple backend servers
  • Game's distance, values, and math all based on true real-world numbers
  • Very detailed backend story that will grow as the game grows, and will also affect all quests and NPC/Player interaction
  • Seed (set up an atmosphere), Colonize, Build, Research, and harvest resources on planets and their moons.
  • All ships (with the exception of unmanned drones) are built from custom blueprints players create. Blueprints allow players to select each individual component on the ship (wings, body, propulsion, bays, etc), as well as fine-tune certain aspects of how those elements work together. Blueprints can then be used to manufacture ships.
  • Build fleets (groups of ships) to fight enemies, search for new solar systems, guard gates and other resources/areas, mine materials, etc
  • You can manage as many fleets in real-time as you have screen space for. Each fleet can be shown in its own gameplay window in real time.
  • 35,600+ planets in 5,000 solar systems (this number will be adjusted as testing moves foward, either larger or smaller to maximize gameplay experiences)

Here is a screenshot, there's plenty more on our forums as things progress:

And here are our links: - The main landing page - Our forums - The actual game

To request an invite code simply go to the proper forum and make a post after registering. Please remember, we are not looking for beta testers; this game is not playable yet, we are looking for people who are willing (and have the time) to test features as they are added to prevent having to backtrack after the entire game is finished.