I need new music!

A lot of you on here have a great taste in music. I've been listening to the same songs over and over on my playlist. I need some new tunes.

I'm already planning on getting the new Academy is album and the new Moses Mayfield album incase any of you were already going to suggest those.

So... you music enthusiasts... what do you have for me?
Also, you should try Kelly Jones' solo album 'Only The Names Have Been Changed'.

T'is very good.

Yeah it is!! Finally... someone else with my taste in music. Pretty much use all of Marshy47's ideas cause they're AWESOME


YES! I'm not a mental case. Other people like the music I like. Good to know.

Arctic Monkeys' new album 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' is quite possibly better than their first.


Thought of some more;

The Clash
Velvet Underground
Style Council (not to everyones taste, but I like them)
Paul Weller
Snow Patrol (First two albums are much better than Final Straw and Eyes Open.)
The Specials
I always feel like the oldies, so here are some suggestions:

Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin

but if your looking for newer bands...

Gwen Steffani
Evanescence -----------> I don't really listen to these ones but they are good and people seem to like it
Justin Timberlake
1. Evanescence
2. Le Tigre ------>will really broaden your musically tastes....maybe
3. The Sounds
4. UnderOath
5. Hellogoodbye
6. Disciple
7. Suicide Stompbox-------->one of the best bands i ever heard
8. Detour 180
9. Relient K
10. Allison--------->Latin rock band
11. Panda --------> LAtin punk band

thats all i can think of right now but these are some really great bands


Not bothering with their second album? Wasn't that 'Take Them On...". That has "Six Barrel Shotgun" on it, which is their best track in my eyes.