Is it RUDE???


Hello friends

I would like to get everyone's opinion on a site my friend showed me. The address is and it is a place to send people when they don't use BCC when sending to groups or forward time wasters to your work address..

Here is my delimma: I am thinking it might be a nice way to let people know I don't appreciate them sending my email address out to a bunch of strangers but I don't want to seem too rude. A lot of the people who send me these kinds of emails are just new to using email or the internet.. What do you guys think? Is this kind of response rude?

There is a major link to netiquette somewhere or other. But you couldn't expect a newbie to read and understand it.

Too many people don't follow the rules and I think that pointing out the rules to them after an incident causes too much grief. You just have to sit and wait and see if they learn themselves over time really. Unless you want to lose that contact by shoving 'the rules' under their nose on the spot.