it's been a while


hello people, greetings to old friends and those to be


-I'm back in the world, whose been doing what? Where?
So evidently "back in the world" means not checking back on a thread for three days?

That makes me sad. :(
With some 'real world' stuff going on for me these days, I have not even checked out some of my own sites for three days.


(Cool Sci-Fi exempted. It is one of my 'Must Visit Daily' places. ;))
Welllllllll -grovelling apologies: the night I get a new broadband connection I find I have to go away for a week! Actually, I'd forgotten what the date was!

It's 12.45 in the morning: I'm hungry, tired, spent all day circumnavigating roadworks and tailbacks and am undoubtably somewhat aromatic . . . .zzzzzzzzzz

. . . sorry, I'll try again when I'm fully conscious . . . . . . mmmmh ... pillow