Making a Space Game


When playing retro styled games, how important is the story to you?
when you played Mario did you want to save the princess... or did you want to beat the game.

I am making a sandbox style, top-down Space adventure RPG.
Very similar to Escape Velocity, though a little more satirical, less serious.
The members of your party, who you collect through out your travels are cartoons.
And I have been working to develop personalities for them all.

When playing a game like this, how important is the story?
Do the characters need backstories?
If your actions are the catalyst to the events of the game, does there need to be more explanation?

After making a complete game, with all the mechanics I desired, I ventured to write the story...
3 weeks later I have...
"In the year 2222"

I have scenarios in mind, but not really a script to tell about those scenarios.
I apparently am horrible at creative writing... I can see the whole world in my mind, but I seem to be unable to use words to describe it.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Mouthy Cow
Ooh ... intriguing.

There's nothing wrong with your feeling inadequate to the task of scripting a story. I am awe of all code-geeks who can put together games. I've tried a few times with a couple of different engines and rapidly discovered I have no ability whatsoever in writing code.

Perhaps you'd consider me as a partner ...?