Old space games, anyone interested?

Don't get me wrong, but sometimes, I find things, that were made some time ago, better, that things which are being made now.
One of those- old game Homeworld, reliced in 1999 year, I was 7 years old :LOL:, and after 3 years, someone instaled that game to PC at mom's work. There I saw that game in first time, and I was so exited, but sadly, nobody was good with english. Me and my mom was trying to get on with training missions....that was so funny. Anyway, I find that game to be epic. Epic and interesting plot, about exiles and evil empire, space atmosphere- when you don't know, what awaits you behind that nebula, amazing musick, including Adagio for strings in some missions. For now, the only minus I see- graphic, but for later times, it's not bad, however, if game has only great graphing, and nothing more- it's waste of time to play and waste of money to buy it.
Homeworld is fulll 3D RTS space game, and I belive first one in that line, made by Relic Entr. and published by Sierra. Game has interesting cutscenes, which helps to describe plot. The main idea and plot I find to be better than in HW2 seequel.

You starting at planet Kharak far orbit, where huge colony ship being assembled. With new hyperspace technology, the people of Kharak hope to reach their true home- the Hiigara, the place, where they belong to. First testing huperspace jump to outskirts of system to meet support ship, and...we found only wrecks of it. Collusion with something? No, the answer being shown by wave of unknown figters, who determine to engage and destroy your Mothership. You deal with them, collect data from destroyed support ship, and ready to return back. Jump and...................................
We see burning Kharak, destroyed space docks. Nobody make it? Looks like there are. Few strange and massive ships firing to 6 cryo trays, that all what have left from your nation. But why that happened? What we have done wrong? For sure, those big ships' (frigates) crew knows. So you need to capture at least one and save cryo trays from destruction, to prevent your nation's extinction. From captured ship's captain we found, that evil emperor (cousin of emperor Palpatine perhapse :smiley:) now rule our world, and wont let us to reach our goal. So now, your mission not only to find way to your home, but also prove the emperor, that bad guys like he does not have happy ending.
Durning our journey, we shall build fleet from scout fighters till heavy cruisers and destroyers, find more about our past and what should happens before, solve few space mysturies. So after completing campaigne you can feel yourself a hero!

In 2000 Homeworld Cataclysm- it was designed as expansion, but it made it to stand-alone game. Haven't played it, but I wached full "let's play/walktrought." on youtube. Dunno why I haven't played it, like, everyone can say about himself: Why the hell I did it or not?

The Homeworld 2 is second game, which seems to be ignoring Homeowlrd Cataclysm, because we starting again with just few ships, actually, just one new Mothership and one resource collector at secret building site. So...looks like all shipbuilders starting to work only when war comming to you... because another threat comming to you. Ex-Nomads, remains of former empire or just any space clan that want to have some warfire united under one guy, who call himself "chosen one". Well, at least he does know how to fight. His army, actually fleet, there are not army in space, right? So they had many victorys. Now, they want to reach our reclaimed home and get our Hyperspace core- which we had in our first mothership, in first game. Buy uniting three cores, that guy named Makaan wants to get acces to very old but powerfull ship named Sajuuk- the great maker. However, we have to prove again, that bad guys wont have happy end, so all crew to battlestations!

Second game was reliced in 2003 year, s0 right 10 years ago. What we can see- lots of visual improvements. Ships moving smoother, engine trail looks better, fights looks also cool. Ships looks more detailed, and now has modules-subsistems, which are mandatory for future development of your fleet. Also, now we can actually build a space station- shipyard. This shipyard can build most strongest ships in game- battlecruisers. First Homeworld had no option to have a base, all ships were buildable on Mothership. Second good feature, it's ship's change. While in first Homeworld both faction had nearly same ships, which differs only by look. (that can be explained, your fleet utileze technology of it's enemy, adpting them for own use, so you have nearly same technology, as your oponent). In sceond Homeworld, some ships has some differs. One side uses beam based weaponry, other relay on good old missiles with heavy warheads, mounting them from Corvetes till Battleships.
However, I still find Homeworld better than Homeworld 2. Thats my personal opinion. Firstly- musick. I can't say anything like- HW2's musick is nasty, nope, it's not. But I prefer music from first one, I find it more epic and more space like music. Second- plot. For me, I do enjou when Im playing campaigne in HW, but can't say about second one. After I pass it, I don't want to do it again. HW2 better goes for MP or skrimnish battle against PC. Also, some gameplay change appeared- Homeworld 2 has no support ships, while first homeworld had support frigates, which could repair ships with some kind of beam. Yes, you can research collector's ability to repair, however, it's limited number of collectors, that can repair one damaged ship. Repairs goes long enough sometimes. Second- resources. In first homeworld, resources were clouds, nebulas, asteroids, which could be located around all map, but in HW2 resources are just big stones, which located in certain areas, and cap ships left some debris after their death, which can be salvaged for resources.
But anyway, all 3 games are indeed great, and worth to play (sory cataclysm).

There are still some old games that I like, but talk a bit later. Also, I will be very happy to see what old games can you do still like, doesn't matter about space thet are or not.
Knights of the old republic (2003) and it's sequel (2005) remain some of the best sci-fi games I've played in terms of story. (Buggy as hell and completely unfinished though)
I also enjoyed the old Space Quest games by Sierra, but never actually finished one.
I recently downloaded Tyrion2000 from Good Old Games, I love that. And I'm kind of eying off Descent as well.
Not too many old games for me. Most of the games I played back then were more like Ultima IV than space games.
So glad I read this thread it made me look again for an adventure game I have searched for years and not found which I played so many years ago.
I finally found it after searching again today.
It's not based in space it's on earth and the story is around the Roswell Crash coverup but set in 2043.
its called "The Pandora Directive"
:smiley: I can go buy it now.
It's not based in space it's on earth and the story is around the Roswell Crash coverup but set in 2043.
its called "The Pandora Directive"
:smiley: I can go buy it now.
Only one I could find was this one...

The Pandora Directive - Wikipedia

I don't remember that title but I do remember the series because of Under a Killing Moon from the series; it is one of those names that sticks.
Another game, which had 10 years birthday at 4rth of March- Freelancer.
Space combat and trading simulator, with single or multiplayer mode.
Great game IMO, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lets start from good points, shall we?

What I can say quick- it's not hard to play game, and it's challenging in same time. Not hard to play, means you dont need 40 fingers to press all the buttons. Yes, there are lots of keys you can assign, however, you wont need them all. I find it rly easy to fly. In same time, game indeed challenging. As you may guess, you will have tons of fights. From light pirate fighters, which can dodge fire pretty well sometimes, till "well trained" military pilots using ships which has better stats than your, secret naval projects, which has very OP weapons and ofcourse aliens. Space game without aliens? Heh, no way! Some missions can be tough, and requesting more than one attempt to complete. Another good point- that this game is fast. You dont need to spend nearly 15 minutes to travel from one waypoint to another, just holding your cursor in one position. Nope, you shall travel via in-system "highway road", which allowes all ships to fly indeed fast. In same time, flights in open space also doesnt take to much time. Also, what I want to add into advantages- world and atmosphere. Space devided by many sectors and houses.
Each house has its own ships' design, corporations, lawfulls and pirate or terorirsts organisation. And ofcourse, evey house has it unique space "background" :smiley:. Systems not very populated, or located outside of houses looking mysetriouse, background music enhances that effect to maximal level, and you indeed feel how huge universe, how many mysteries there are, and how incredebly dangarouse universe is in same time. This space atmoshphere is one of the point why I do still play this game (with mod ofcrs, but this doesn't matters :P).

For not weak, and not strong side of game I would put general plot.

Your name is Edison Trent (Trent is how you will be called in game by others characters), you decided to left your home to search for glory, money and adventures. You traveled alot of system, once your way brought you to Freeport 7 station. You have a million worth "a deal of a lifetime" and you already got it when.... few strange alien looking blue ships launching some kind of energetick torpeedos into Freeport 7. You and few more people managed to get into the life pod. Soon, an armored transport landing to planet Manhattan in New York system. You and those who managed to make it from station alive now in the center of know sector. Medical team from local hospital taking your ex-companion to take care about him. Now you have to wait before he get well, who knows, may be you still have your money, because, you have only 500 credits.
Here the game starts- you meeting in local bar officer of Liberty (descendants of North and South America nations) Security Forces (LSF) Jun'ko Zane (Juni). She looking for pilots, who could be hired for mission. You tell her, that you got no ship, not showing any certificate like "pilot of a year" or navy fighter pilot ID, and you get offer for job. Revard- Ship and money. If only in RL it was so easy...
When you launch in space, where you meet you mission commander Michael King (King), you see how Rheinland (gues who, Germans ofcrs) cruiser on ambasador mission getting blow up by few ships, which came clouse to Manhattan. So its you time to fight now.
In first mission you are acting like a cop for hire- escorting transport, defending prison liner, attacking base.
While flying to second mission, when you firstly leav New York system, you will know that something odd starting to happen in four large houses. In second mission you have to capture artifact smuggler, for interegation. You fly, pew and bring it to stationare battleship. Next mission and you are again acting like an escort of transports- but not just supplies. You have to escort secret convoy with artifacts to research station, located in Nebula. Here, you might face the first quet strong enemy- called Outcasts. You might need few try to pass this mission.
Moving back, you and Juni encouters three Rheinland fighters, which magicaly uncloak right infront of you. They dont respond, and engages you. If you are new to game, you will also need few attempts, Rheinland has good ships. After a short break, research station is under Rheinland attack. You, together with Liberty Navy cruisers and figters fly there and defend the station.
You may think- eh, Im gona be a cop for hire for all the time? No! Next mission changes a lot. While awaiting Juni at landing pad, a strange man comes to you. He knows your name, and knows, that you suvived Freeport 7 destruction. He says, that you and he-last man who still walk. Others are killed or disappeared, like your ex-companion. Stranger gives you a strange looking and violet shiny thing...and getting killed by shot into his back by an officer. You are seems to be next to, but Juni saves you and kills that officer before he kill you both. Now you are on the run. Already when you undocked, navy ships, including cruisers and battleship ( capital ships here just huge targets, first fighter has a bit stronger weapons than Liberty cruiser) ready to rip you in space if you not going to surrende. You made it out, by a help of cruisers from last missions and King, who organised some kind of renegage squadron.
Now, you are the one, who has one part, of the most greatest mystery and power in know universe, and now you stand against one of most militarized houses, and even those, who are know as Nomads.

Im not putting plot to weak side, because I still find it's great and interesting, but Im not putting it into strong side, because, without it, game doesn't looses much, like we have multiplayer mod. Lots of things to discover, from most strongest ships and weapons, till unbeliveable worlds.

So let's talk about disadvantages.
You can't skip skript videos.
Next one more goes to system's architech. All objects are located nearly in one horizontal plane, however, that make nav easy. Another huge minus you will not- planets and suns are SMALL. Ineed they are. Planets even bigger than some stars. Capital ships are around 1/4 from planet's sizes. On the other hand, bigger stars and planets would need more distance, so longer we shall travel from point A to point B.
As I like capital ships, this flaw rly noteable for me. There are no capital ships available for players, and not well made. Some capital ships has nearly wooden armor and weapons which can't breach medium class of sheilds. Having ship, supporing 6-7 of 10 class equipment, you can solo nearly a fleet of capital ships. Without special mod, you wont ever meet them in game, outside of campaigne. Some house systems has battleships as stations, which are unkillable (stations and bases has no health bar) but on such battle stations you may find ships, which only navy has acces to.

For conclusion, I must say, that this game is really good for 2003 year. With some modifications, which also adds capital ships as playable, more systems and stuff, game still holding positions with RP servers.

X-series which also about to be in same time, however, I see Freelancer more fast action game, where main aspect is dynamic, while X-series are more simulators.
Acclamator for these old games, what are you using to play them with? On a modern machine any issues with the speed or graphics?
Well, I don't have a powerfull machine for now, however, all games runs prety nice on PC and loptop. PC has win7 and loptop has Vista Home Premium ( enought for some works). With Homeworld 2 might appear problem with inegrated vid.process into mainboard- you wont have fullscreen, however, by setting custom resolution in launching parameters, problem getting solved. So yeah, I have no problems with games around 1998-1999 year of releas.

Btw, if you might be interested, here are some videos about Freelancer.
Thats one of the mission from campaigne. You have to escape from Bretonia ( I belive, it's not hard to guess who are they), which being invaded by evil Rheinland forces. You have an artifact, which they want, but also, you got the guns.

So ther is combat video from Freelancer using Discovery mod, which takes action in some time after original story. Mod allowes to use Capital ships and actually, they has robust armor, including armor upgrade, sheilds, and diffrent type of guns. Each house has it's own capital ship line- Gunship, Cruiser, Battleships. Large transports and trade crafts, lots of fighters and bombers, and system. Mod made for RP gaming.
Btw "Evil Rheinlander" [RM]Fl.Martin.Stamek is me.

Currently, Im exploring another mod- Genesis. Seems Im gona like it too.
If you like these old games, you should check out the Escape Velocity Trilogy.
Nova is the most recent, and the best of the 3, but those are great games.
Can I just say that I still play Quake 2 when I feel the need to murder something?
I loved the first two Quake games and, before that even, the original Doom games along with their cousins like Heretic. Heretic, in particular, was a game that we used to play for hours on a LAN because of the sheer joy of being able to turn your opponents into chickens. :D Modern day 'shooters' don't appeal me as I prefer the simpler game play style of those earlier games.
:smiley: ... The best of it those old games run like nuclear powered de Lorean on a modern machine.

I even went in search that all-time classic, Elite, a few years ago. IIRC it was ported onto a Java platform for Windows. Sadly it was a little lame once the nostalgia had worn off ... bit like ping pong ... geez, I cannot remember why I thought that awesome. But Elite still carries the badge of awesomeness for packing so much into a game made for a 64 kB machine. Today's programmers could learn a lot.

Ooh ... I love the way my memory works. All that nostalgia has just produced a name from the past. Yesterday I was talking about my attempts to use a game engine, but could not remember for the life of me the name of the engine I persisted with the longest ... slurge? splurge? splonge? Wouldn't come ... but Elite triggered a memory ....



If you haven't played it, I strongly recommend Out Of Order for the funniest, trippiest, most maddening adventure/puzzle-solving game which'll leave you chuckling while you still wiping the snot off your screen when you finally get to the end.