Music Videos-fan made animations

Randal R.

Hello again.

thought maybe I would add some Music Style Videos I have created at some point in history.
Just a few.

Perfect Strangers-Deep Purple
The words tell of the sorrow of remaining "perfect strangers" after the end of a relationship. It is one of the few Deep Purple songs not to feature a guitar or organ solo. Band guitarist Ritchie Blackmore has called it his favorite Deep Purple song.

Gone,Gone,Gone - Bad Company

Mashin - Xray Dog ( extremeGfx - Epilepsy warning)

Method to your madness -Metal Church
Gfx mix and Footage editing.

I appreciate the views. Hope you enjoy. Glad you visited.


Randal R.

Randal R.

that Pipe dream was a cool idea. Very cool... some dynamics that would be hard to manually do
, gots my head scratchin' :D
Part of what makes me make animation to music is , once upon a time, all the music videos on youtube were just a picture.
and I would yell where is the video!!

Starship groove was too neat
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Randal R.

Oh MY , you are so right, I just saw the Warhammer video..INffing credible.!!!!
Better than the SWTOR trailers, which are very good.
Amazing animation and camera and effects.
and the texturing is just amazing also.