My idea of eBook selling

So I am working on a non-fiction novel in eBook form. I thought about publishing it and selling it for a kind price but then I figure, you have to worry about people stealing it and being pirates about the situation. So I had an idea...

Convert a Wordpress blog into an eBook. The first chapter I will give away for free in the form of posts (categories being chapters). Then after that, I charge for each additional chapter, a small fee of course. I would then convert the post comments into a paid member forum (using bbpress or the likes) and allow for the readers to discuss the chapters and interact with one and other. I wouldn't allow payments to be made until each chapter is complete.

What do you all think of my idea here?


I'm going to agree with Lisa here. One of the major benefits with the internet is that now you can publish your own drafts/books/work overall in a quick and easy way. However, that have also made us, the readers, a little bit spoiled. For unknown authors it's going to be hard to get people to buy on a chapter to chapter basis. What you could do is publish this work free. All of it. See how it's received by people and then if you ever get a new idea and write a new book, try to publish that as a whole for a small fee.

I simply don't think you'll get a lot of people buying/reading your book, if they have to pay for it on a basis. I'd be willing to pay say 5 - 10 USD for the whole thing (maybe) depending on if the plot makes me interested or not. Also, one of the drawbacks of releasing it chapter per chapter is that people might decide to drop it all together because the chapters are too far apart in releases.

That's just my two cents though. I don't suppose you could give us a little teaser/preview as to what it's about?
I like the idea about publishing the first book for free :)

And maybe instead of selling chapters, I could sell access to the eBook on a monthly basis instead. As I said, this idea is to help prevent piracy of my work. Some people (oxygen wasters) out there just want to steal whatever they can!
A good way to go about it section off the first 10-12K words into a 99c ebook and then the following of the book at 2.99 or 3.99 based on the word count. You would want to sell it on Amazon's kindle since it gets a lot of sales and is easier to use (or so I've read).


I still think the best approach would be to just sell it as a whole. Or like I said, if you got more than one on the way, release the first one for free and then sell the next one.

Also I still want a little teaser of the plot.. I'm always looking for a good story to read. Shawn Gossman
Very small sneak peak but here it is :P

Title: A Road to Somewhere

Imagine that time stops existing! That is the reality in which I have been plunged into by mysterious forces. Time no longer exists for me because I have no way of knowing what time it is or what day it is for that matter. I don’t know if I am older. I don’t know if they are still searching for me or if they ever even tried to search for me to begin with. I cannot even comprehend how long it has been. All I can think of is, time. Time! Time is something I think of but it’s something I don’t think I have anymore.

I’m in a box!

A 10 foot by 10 foot 6 foot high concrete box! The walls are concrete, the ceiling is concrete and the floor is concrete. There are ventilation cages on the ceiling but they are so small and strong that I am unable to break into them.

I eat for what it seems like every day but without knowing the time, I am not sure if I actually eat each day. My meals come in pre-packaged envelopes which are called Meals Ready to Eat or MREs. I have one waiting for me on the floor with a canteen of water every time I awaken from a forced sleep. I have nothing to pass the time with. I have no radio, no TV, no books and not even a pen and paper to doodle on. I have communication with anyone and I have never seen anyone in this concrete room. I don’t even know what I look like anymore because there are no mirrors. I know that I am shaved and always clean when I wake up. So the gas must be strong enough to put me in a mini-coma for a period of time since I have never awakened to being cleaned or shaved by others.

I have tried to end it all multiple times… I once tried to choke myself to death with my sheets but I was gassed asleep. I once tried to make myself choke on the contents of an MRE but I was gassed to sleep. I once refused to drink water, eat and use the bathroom – again, I was gassed and when I woke up, I wasn’t hungry, thirsty and my bowels felt healthy and empty. They’re watching me! They must have cameras in the vents or something because they won’t allow me to end my life, unless this is truly hell and I am being tortured each and every day for eternity. I have never thought of myself as a candidate for hell. I mean I was a loser outside of this box but never a hateful spirit.
I always write horridly the first time on pretty much everything haha but then I read through it, change things but leave some errors to keep it my own voice. I don't like anything fake.


So basically just your way of phrasing things and such. :) I have a fairly distinct way of expressing myself in writing as well. So I can definitely respect trying to keep that. Which is to be honest however one of the most important things as an author.
Agreed. I will go through an correct it chapter by chapter :) Sometimes I get upset and change a whole chapter haha, it depends on my mood. I will say I am not the perfect writer though but perfectionism is not reality, it takes practice and practice that will never cease. The only way I will get good at something is if I keep writing, right? And of course listening to feedback!