New Sci-fi Series Achilles



I'm working on a new sci-fi series called Achilles, and im looking for viewers. I'm still new to making animations as you can probably tell. The links to the videos are at the bottom, the first is the trailer for my series, and the second is episode one entitled "Project Achilles". One area that I got my inspiration from is Stargate Atlantis. If you have any questions ask, and thanks for your time.

Hey! Nice work even though the animation is to weak for me watching it any further, but that's just me. Nice music and I sense a nice storyline coming... Keep it up!
For Stargate, Star Trek, Battlestar, and Sci-fi fans

For Stargate, Star Trek, Battlestar, and Sci-fi fans:

I've been working on a series, and I'm new to animation. I've taken elements from my favorite sci-fi series and placed them into my own. Its called Achilles.


A satellite of unknown origin heads for earth, and the US military sends in their newest weapon, a space vessel still under construction.



Episode 1


Episode 2

Woah! Yeah, you've got to rip that soundtrack off asap with something like this. it will get lawyers on your back, with a HUGE costs bill. They'll say you've used it for a commercial project and thus will get hit as a business not a simple user, you'll have to sell your house, car and clothes to pay it off. This isn't an internet meme with a simple Youtube takedown notice. This is a full fledged creative work. Pull it quickly and don't put it back on a server till you've altered the soundtrack.