New Zealand Animated Sci-Fi Web Series

Hey there, hate to kinda spam a bit, I only made 3 posts all together but I'd really like to get some more people looking at this and this forum seemed like a great place to start. My name is Jack and I'm working here with some guys that are working on revamping a 12 episode series, we are based in new Zealand and redoing the first episode, take a look at the original series at Animated Videos | Frontiers Animation | United States let us know what you think. :smiley:


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Welcome to Cool Sci-Fi! Just caught the first episode on the site...interesting stuff. Is that the re-vamped edition, or the original? May have to check out the rest when I get the chance.

Maybe one day, Aston will get his own series...until then, books and stories it is. ;)
Hi there,

I really liked what you have done. The style is fantastic, though here in the first episode the exterior space scenes were very well done. The interior shots of the characters were just a jarring contrast away from the established style.

Just my thoughts, its still a great effort well worth watching.

Hey guys, we just uploaded a new story board image, check it out on facebook (Facebook) we will gradually release more over time (possibly daily) so stay tuned and keep up to date on our twitter (@frontieranim), I'll post back here with any news :D