XBox New XBOX live Dashboard!!


there was an update it just doesnt look differently ... they only did it to change sertain things to prepare for the wii update....but does any1 no when they are doing the actual update


I'm kinda disappointed it looks like a PS3 Home+ Nintendo Wii Mii rip. Microsoft could have done something much more sick, I give up on my 360...

xX DrunK

i agree with effekt. this whole dashboard thing is making me think that i wanna get rid of my xbox. if i wanted a wii i would have bought one
wow u guys would actually sell your xbx just becuz it has a new dashboard and its kinda like wii i think it actually looks pretty cool i mean its nuthin i would sell my xbx for


yeah, dont like it but then again maybe some of you guys will after it comes out. I think it is about time to spice some things up with the dashboard but honestly I wouldnt take it this far. But like I said who knows maybe it'll be cool.
It looks alright I like what we have already but I guess Microsoft thought it was better to change. I just hope it doesn't screw up the performance of LIVE