Recon 2020 (film)

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couple of trailers/teasers for it. who cares about the quality when you've got such original content :)

The year is 2020. Earth Federation has just learned that one of its colonies has been taken over by the Ma’ hars, a race of hostile aliens who live between dimensions.

Dispatched to defeat the invaders, Sergeant Sharp and his team are horrified when the Ma’ hars’ sinister plan becomes shockingly clear; to unleash an army of cyborgs that are designed as high-tech mythological creatures.

Sharp and his team enter the fight of their lives as they battle the horrific force of werewolves, zombies, and vampires.

actually found this film as part of the london scifi festival that is over now, the tour dates still to come but none of these films are on it really.


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i haven't seen it, just found the details of this indie flick on the festival site. it's not going to be one of the films they take on tour with them, i see rental release being very small and i enlisted an interested mates help and have trawled the usual places but haven't found any sign of it anywhere.

i'll keep an eye out, i hate being teased by something that you can never get your hands on. bit like the embaressment i suffered at the hands of the so called friends of mine over the Star Wars Holiday Special that i saw on US cable tv when i was living in Berlin, that no one in the UK had heard of, all calling me a liar. if i knew where they all lived now i'd go round and i'd choke them with a copy of it on dvd rammed down their throats :)