Replicants Rising: Purefold: Bladerunner Series


An Old Friend
This looks interesting!

It's not often that I write about something like this, but being a die-hard fan of Blade Runner, I just can't help myself. Over at the New York Times, they have an article announcing that a new division of Ridley Scott's commercials company, RSA Films, has started development on a video series called Purefold. The series of linked 5- to 10-minute shorts will first debut on the web and will be set at a point in time before 2019, which is when Blade Runner takes place. Unfortunately, since The Halycon Company owns the rights to Philip K. Dick's entire estate, this video series will only be "inspired" by Blade Runner and its themes.
"We don't take any of the canon or copyrighted assets from the movie," said David Bausola, the founding partner of Ag8, the independent studio which is developing the project. "It's actually based on the same themes as Blade Runner. It's the search for what it means to be human and understanding the notion of empathy." The series will debut later this summer and the first episodes will depict events about two years into the future. From there, Ag8 will take actual story input from its viewers in conjunction with the website FriendFeed. I'll definitely be checking out Purefold once it debuts, just because I'm a big sci-fi nut. You?