Sarah Rodgers, hello!


mi name is Sarah, nick name: fembot17

I'm 29 years old and was born in 17 Sept in 1980. I'm Virgo. BIG lover and real fan of rockman/megaman and also a fan of my beloved RPG game story Reign of Steel by David Pulver.

my mail is:

{removed email}

right now i'm reading the novel called: The Mount and is very cool and wonderful novel but i have not finished yet.

i also love the novel Computer One by Warwick Collins, highly recommended to everyone here.

nice to meet you all.
Sarah, greetings & welcome! (y)

Is "Fembot17" a Futurama reference or from elsewhere?

PS: Hope you don't mind, but I removed your email from the post. That way any potential spam bots won't scrape it and flood your inbox.
is ok to delete the mail i post there, since is dangerous to do that on these days.
mi bad.

anyway, hello to all and thanks for your welcome:D.