She Will Rise Again


Jan 6, 2006
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Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 14

In Russian



The next morning the children woke up to Damian doing push ups next to their bed. Anastasia stared at the man who had saved their lives in astonishment. He’s strong and is cold but at Damian showed that he had a heart at times. Anastasia remembered what Sophia had told her and the promise she had made. She would figure Damian out somehow and learn about Damian’s lost family. Anastasia shook out of her thoughts and spoke up

“Papa, I’m hungry can’t we get something to eat?

“Of course Labella, you get ready while I finish and then we will help your brother.”

“Ok” Labella answered her father enthusiastically and went behind the changer to get dressed. About twenty minutes later Labella came out of behind the changer saying

“I’m done papa” the child looked at her father with a smile. “Papa you look very handsome.”

Esteban looked at his little girl and smiled shyly “Thank you sweetheart now lets get your brother ready” with that both father and daughter woke a sleeping Raul and prepared him for breakfast.

“Alright let’s go children” Esteban said picking the boy up while Anastasia opened the cabin door. Then they made their way to the boats deck where almost all the ships occupants were already eating. The trio went to the serving area and served themselves breakfast Anastasia served her brother as Esteban put his son down at a table. Esteban helped his daughter with the three plates. Then they sat at a table and began to eat

“Papa” Labella said drawing Esteban’s attention to her “Can we walk around the boat after breakfast”

“Yeah I want to see the boat fully papa please can’t we walk around” Raul continued

“Yes please Papa, please” Labella finished

“Pleassee” the children begged in unison adding puppy faces. Esteban looked at them for a moment remembering two faces that would do the same when they wanted something; quickly he shook the memory out of his mind and said
“It is called a ship, Of course we can walk around it my darlings but first finish your breakfast” the trio finished their breakfast and then Esteban picked up his son. “Alright let’s look around this ship” with that they started their tour of the vessel that saved their lives.

Labella ran ahead when she saw a man with a horse “look papa a horse” she screamed running towards the horse.

“Labella espera” Damian said drawing Labella’s to causing to crash into someone and fall down. Labella quickly stood and wiped off her dress then she looked up to see who she knocked into. Looking up at a woman with brownish red hair that was curly up to her waist Labella said “hello” staring at her.

“Hello” the woman said looking down at Labella “Que es tu nombre?”

“Labella y el tuyo” asked the little girl smiling at the women not realizing her father was coming up behind her.

“Eva” the women said smiling and shaking Labella’s hand.

“Labella you must be more careful darling” Esteban admonished coming towards his daughter and yet to look at the stranger who she knocked into. Then he looked up and froze staring at the women in front and Eva did the same. Both children looked back and forth between the pair until Esteban shook out of it and spoke “I’m sorry my daughter almost knock you over ummm” he began but stumbled because he did not know the women name.

“Eva, my name is Eva and its ok umm” Eva said doing the same as Esteban

“Esteban, my name is Esteban” he stuttered out “This is my son Raul and my daughter Labella” he finished

“They are wonderful and Labella speaks perfect Spanish. Did you teach her?” Eva asked but before Esteban could answer Labella spoke “yes, he taught both of us, he also taught us English, Russian, Italian and French” Labella finished smiling having noticed the chemistry between the two.

“Well you are a very talented young lady and you are a talented young man” Eva said addressing Labella and then the boy in Estebans arms.

“Well we have to go, have a nice day Labella, come along” Esteban said abruptly and then with his son in his arms he Labella away towards the cabin. Eva watched them go “what a jerk” she said to herself “It doesn’t matter I have to stay away from them anyway, can’t let them notice me again. The Phoenix ordered me to help protect the children from afar. That is what I will do he is not my problem” she thought, trying to ignore what she felt when he looked at her, Eve did not notice the three children coming up behind her until the little girl yanked at her skirt.

“Mama” called a little girl with blonde hair with her with black hair by her side and another little girl with blondish red right behind them.

“Yes Alma” Eve sad looking down at her daughter, son and niece.

“Were done eating answered the little boy

“Ok Andres” Eva answered looking down at her son then she turned to her niece Celina. She stared at the child who was lighter skinned than her own children, a little girl that was half French and half Italian. Her heart ached for the child having lost her little brother and parents a short time age. Eva sister, husband, brother in law and nephew had died three weeks before at the hand of Rasputin’s men. Now they were running and (by other of The Phoenix) was now expected to help protect Anastasia and Alexei from afar for now.

“Celina are you alright” Eva asked shaking out of her thoughts the little girl just. Eve breathed in sighing wondering when Celina would speak again, worried because the little girl had not spoken since her family was in front of her.

“Alright lets go” with that the four returned to their cabin.

Weeks later
After spending weeks on the steam boat the Moltalvo family had finally reached to docks of Cuba and together prepared to leave the ship. Raul’s arms and leg had healed but he still had to use a cane to walk. Their things were taken too an awaiting truck and the family left the ship.

“Papa are we going home now?”

“Yes Labella we are going home now get in the truck” with that the family got into the truck and drove off. A couple of hours later after driving on the main road Damian pulled off the road into an unmarked road that led you through a forest of tropical tree’s. Then he took a right off the road, which continued straight to a popular local beach site, onto a road that seemed like a path in the woods to an on looker. At the end of that road was a private beach site hidden behind woods and what appeared to be two huge boulders. In the front of the beach was a wooden house, the place was obviously unknown to anyone and belonged to Damian.

“Where here children” Damian said as she got out of the car. Anastasia and Alexei looked at him and then at each other.

“I can see he’s being nean again” Alexei said

“It’s mean and I think he’s just sad not mean” Anastasia corrected “Now come on” she continued as they both got out of the car and followed Damian to the house.

“I think he’s just mean” Alexei muttered as Anastasia dragged him towards the house.

Jun 19, 2006
Now that they are in Cuba they are out of the reach of there must be new adventures waiting for gaining and mastering their powers may be.. :unsure:


Jan 6, 2006
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Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 15

In Russian


Damian and the children entered the house entered what looked like a Spanish Hacienda. In front a veranda shaped like an l then as you entered a living room with simple wicker chairs. Anastasia walked through an arched doorway that led into a beautiful kitchen with double doors leading to another beach front veranda and beautiful beach in front of a greenish blue sea separated from the world by what Anastasia could now see were not huge boulders. To the right were huge boulders put together forming a mountain and to the left a reef that had once been covered by water and in of that reef law a water level platform rock that she could only see part of.

“Wow that’s beautiful” breathed Anastasia “Come look at this Alexei” she called causing Alexei to run to her side.

“It is beautiful and cool” Alexei agreed excitingly standing there with his sister looking out at the sight that would now be their home. Damian threw the children’s attention to himself “Come I will show you to your bedrooms follow me.” With that the children followed him around the L corner, which lead to three bedrooms and at the end of the hall a bathroom. Entering the first bedroom to the right Damian spoke “This is my bedroom” as he allowed the children in to the room. They looked around in the middle there was a canopy bed and on the side a huge arched window. In front of the bed there lay a dark wooden dresser, a dark wooden side table to the left of the bed and in front of the window a large wicker chair.

“Alright now I will show you to your rooms” Damian said continue the tour leading them down the hall to the next bedroom which was on the left and decorated the same way as Damian and about the same size.

“This will be your room Anastasia and Alexei follow me I will show you your room” Damian then lead the children to the next room to the right of the hall. This room was smaller in size and smaller furniture but still decorated in the same way as Damian’s. Lastly the bathroom, which had a tub in the middle, a sink to the left of the entrance and a toilet to the sinks left with a window on top of it.

“You two have already seen the back. One more thing the mountain of rock to the right has a cave in under it. Do not jump into the cave, at high tides it fills up with water and you can drown I don’t want you in there. But to the left there is a reef, with a platform in front you can jump from there but be careful the water is deep so don’t jump when the ocean is rough. Is that understood?” he asked demandingly and leaving no room for discussion.

“Now I have a meeting with old acquaintances, so the house is yours, there is food in the cupboard bread and cheese just help yourself” he said and then left leaving the children alone in their new home as Anastasia watched him go from the front windows.

“Tasia” Alexei said drawing his sister to him “Can we go play in the water pleeeease?”

“Yeah, go put on your pajama shirt and I’ll put on mine” Anastasia watched her little brother go. He was so little and had so much hope even if after the horrific way their family was taken from them, Alexei just stayed a little boy and continued on as long as Anastasia was fine. Anastasia breathed “mama was right if I’m fine he will be fine” then a smile creped on her face remembering the morning before.

The Day Before:

“We’re Damian’s children Tasia?” he asked so innocently

“No we are not his children we are just going to say we are to everyone else” Anastasia tried to explain but she bit her lip in thought when she saw the confused face her brother put.

“Lexei come here and sit on my lap” she said sitting on the bed

“Remember how we used to play pretend all the time with our sisters?” she asked looking down at him, when he nodded she continued “Well now were going to pretend that we are wealthy aristocrats from Cuba returning home with their father a wonderful vacation.” She finished in a very exciting voice.

Alexei looked up with bright eyes at his sister “With a Spanish accent like Juanita our old nanny?” he asked in excitement for the game they were about to play.

“Right so when we leave this house we must call Damian papa and you will call me Labella ok” she finished

“Ok but what my name?” Alexei asked

“Your name is Raul, now come let’s eat and get ready to leave so that we can play the game after” with that the children went down to eat.


Shaking her head at how easily her brother could be pleased she went to get ready for their afternoon on the beach.

“I’m ready” Alexei screamed running out of his room about ten minutes later as his sister also came out of her room.

“So am I lets go” both children ran through the grass onto the hot sand
“ouch ouch” they kept saying as they jumped from foot to foot down to the water and diving into it head first.

“The waters warm her not cold” Alexei said in amazement “and it’s green” he noted once more

“Of course we are in a tropical country.” Anastasia said throwing water at her unsuspecting brother. “Gotcha Lexei” she spoke laughing
“oh yeah” Alexei said as he began to splash water at his sister and after getting close enough dunking her in the water before swimming away laughing.

“I’m going to get you” she said before diving into the water after him. They spent hours just playing in the water not noticing when the sun went down until Damian got home and yelled “It’s after dark come inside.” Anastasia and Alexei looked a each rolling their eyes at Damians cold tone but got out of the water a quickly climbed up the beach. After he looked at them and realized that they had used their pajamas he spoke

“Good thing I bought you both more pajamas and some extra clothes that I thought might fit you. But we will get you more clothes tomorrow, now go bathe and get ready for bed then come eat” he said, the children passed him and did just what he has asked. That night the trio ate their dinner in silence and after Damian cleaned the plates he said “goodnight” and went to bed.

“He can be such sometimes” Anastasia said frustrated and angrily

“Tasia he’s just sad like you said” Alexei reminded

“How do you know that?” Anastasia asked

“Because that look he gets when he stares at us when he thinks were not looking”

“What look?” she continued

“The one where he seems like he is seeing two other people, like from his past. He also stares off into space as if he rememvering another lifetibe.”

“That lifetime and remembering” Anastasia corrected shaking her head at how observant her brother was at such a young age. “Maybe your right, now come on lets get you to sleep”

Together the two went into Alexei’s room; Anastasia lay behind her brother and held him in her arms.

“Tasia tell me a story about mother and father” Alexei said
“Alright how about the time they took us to the park when you were a baby, well one hot day mama and papa decided to take out as a family to make up for the time they had not been spending with us….” Anastasia told her brother the story until she felt his breath even out. Slowly she extracted herself from the bed and went to her own room. Anastasia lay on her bed and in that moment where she had no one to be strong for she allowed herself to mourn her family’s death and fell asleep.​

Jun 19, 2006
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Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 16

In Russian and Spanish


The next morning Anastasia awoke with a splitting headache. Getting up all hot and sweaty “wow it’s so hot and humid” she said to herself while airing out the pajama on her body. Not being able to take the heat any longer Anastasia bathed and then put on the clothes Damian had brought them the night before. Walking down the hall to Alexei’s room where her little brother was still sleeping. Taking a breath and stealing herself to be happy for him she went in and shook her brother “Lexei wake up, come on it’s to late for you to be sleeping wake up” Anastasia called continuously shaking him out of his slumber.

“I’m tired mama can’t I sleep a little bit longer” Alexei whined causing Anastasia to flinch and breath in at what he had called her.

“Alexei sweaty wake up come on its Tasia” she corrected gently not wanting to remind him that their family was gone. “I don’t want to wake Tasia I just want to stay in bed” Alexei said sadly his attitude having changed from one day to another.

“What do you mean you don’t want to get up?” She asked wrinkling her forehead.

“Mommy and Daddy really aren’t coming back are they?” he asked causing his sister to take a breath.

“Oh Lexei did you think that they were?” Alexei nodded his bed and Anastasia understood why he had been so happy yesterday.

“When you went to bed last night I had to go to the bathvoom so I got up, went and as I was going back to my room I heard you crying” Anastasia allowed tears to slide down her face and crawled into the bed with her brother. Alexei crawled into his sister arms between her legs as Anastasia wrapped her arms around him and laid back.

“I want mommy Anastasia I want mommy” Alexei sobbed his whole shook in Anastasia arms as Anastasia silently cried with him.

“It’s ok Lexei, I know you want but mommy is not here Lexei. But everything is going to be ok I’m here I promise that everything is going to be ok.” Anastasia desperately tried to calm her brother but she couldn’t sobbed into his sisters arm “Tasia I want mommy and daddy, please lets go find them please” he begged desperately hoping that his would tell him yes we can go find them, yes lets go get them. Anastasia held him closer to her and closed her tear filled eyes “Mama help me calm him please tell me what to say please” she begged into the air hoping that her mother would some how hear her. Then it came to her “Lexei we can’t get them here but we can reach at our haven.” Alexei eyes shown as he nodded tears still streaking his face “But you have to stop crying and sit back in arms. Together we will concentrate and empty are minds, ok” Anastasia said wiping her own tears as Alexei nodded.

“Where do you want to meat?” Alexei asked

“In the Labyrinth behind the palace where we would ply hide and seek together as a family, we will meet there.” Anastasia said and Alexei nodded. Then both children calmed their breathing and emptied their minds allowing themselves to be transported into their haven.”

“Lexei” called reaching the front of their Labyrinth “bwa” Alexei screamed coming up behind him.

“Lexei, Tasia come on your late we’ve been waiting for you following me” their Maria called from the entrance of the Labyrinth as she went into it.

“Ria” both children said following her through the Labyrinth until they reached the middle where the rest their family sat in front of a picnic basket.

“Its about time you guys got here we’ve been waiting for days for you” Maria whined sitting next to Tatiana and Olga

Both children stared at them wide still not able to believe that they could see their loved ones even after death. Soon Alexei shook his head and yelled “Mama, Papa” before running into his mothers and then his fathers arms. But Anastasia just stood there with tears in her eyes as her mother came to stand in front of her. Anastasia looked at her “Anastasia” Alexandra spoke observing her little girl opening her arms to her daughter.

Anastasia ran into them but instead of hugging her she pounded into her mother chest angrily “you left me alone” she scream the tears coming down faster not “You left, I cant do this alone you left I hate you for leaving I hate you.” Anastasia kept screaming and pounding until Alexandra grabbed her arms and then bent down to eye level with her child. Mother daughter stared at each both with wet eyes, Anastasia lip trembled and she threw herself into her mother’s arms allowing herself to sob in the comfort of her mothers arms.

“I’m so sorry baby I’m so sorry” Alexandra rubbed her daughters back and then turned around looked at the wet eyes of her family until she reached those of her husband. Giving a look Nicholas nodded and whispered “family circle” everyone moved taking their places as Anastasia’s sobs slowly subsided and she spoke “Mama are we going be able to see you all the time.”

“At first you will see us when you want, then you will only see when you are truly sad and want to see for comfort, but after you are healed and can make it without seeing us often, you will only see us when truly needed. But no matter what we are in you, connected through body and mind to identities connected bye a gold chain of love. That’s why we can see each other after death because as gifted our connection is stronger than those of humans. ”

“I don’t want to go back” Anastasia said and Alexei agreed “Neither do I”

“You must go back son, you both have so much to do, a destiny to for fill. When that destiny is for filled then you will join us but not before. We will be with you every step of the way. Now lets rest you two have a long day ahead of you.” Nicholas said and the family fell asleep in each others arms.

Anastasia and Alexei woke up in each others and back in Alexei’s room breathing in Anastasia said “Get dressed Lexei, I’ll wait for you in the kitchen” she said getting off the bed after looking at her brother making sure he was now ok than she made her way down the hall the where she stopped to see Damian doing sit ups in the leaving room.

“There are eggs in the kitchen for you help yourself” he said between sit ups and Anastasia went into the kitchen and served herself and her brother. Alexei came down fifteen minutes later and both children at their breakfast talking about their dream and the fun that they had yesterday.

“Well I can see you both dressed and fed, so now we can get you each new clothes and do more groceries” Damian said toweling off his hair. After he finished getting ready the trio got in the truck and left to the about three miles down the main road.
Reaching a local market Damian walked the children in as both children one of his hands frightened at the amount of people that surrounded them. Looking down at the children’s hands in his he ignored the pang to his heart and kept walking.

“Look Damian, look at that dress” Anastasia said excitingly walking up too a green dress with a light green bow around it and a matching bonnet. Damian smirked a little at Anastasia’s excitement he remembered how his little girl loved when her papa bought her dresses spoiling her shaking it off and steeling himself he turned to Anastasia “Pick whatever you want, I will talk to the merchant go on both of you.” Anastasia and Alexei both went in and started to pick clothes that they liked while Damian spoke to the women in charge “Listen I am going to open a tab with you for about 4,000 Pesos Cubanos and here is another 1,000 for you trouble” Damian said handing the women the money and then returning to the children’s side. “Are you children ready yet?” Damian said looking at the children who had piles of clothes in their arms “Yes we just have to try them on now” Anastasia said and Damian nodded “Very well, Senora” he spoke to the merchant “your changing room?” he finished asking, “In the tent” exclaimed the women as she continued to sort through her clothes. Damian found a place to sit and wait, an hour or two later both children had chosen what they wanted and their clothes were bagged.
“Have them put in that truck over there, we need do some groceries.” Damian led the children to another part of the market where food was sold and had the same conversation with the merchant there that he had with the last. Anastasia and Alexei were just wondering around neither noticing the man who was walking about behind them until he grabbed Anastasia. Alexei looked back and his sister was gone “Damian” he called running towards the man who was finishing paying a boy to bring the groceries to the truck “Damian, someone took Anastasia, Someone took Anastasia” the boy screamed.
“felgercarb” Damian breathed his senses reeling not smelling a gifted on he looked around for any sign and then he got it, Anastasia legs kicking from around the corner of a tent. Grabbing Alexei’s hand he spoke “Stay with me” and quickly moved after the guy around people, until he reached the man carrying Anastasia with his back to him. “Let her go” Damian ordered in a venomous tone as the man turned he laughed “Hello Damian” the man said holding a knife to a now standing Anastasia’s neck as the crowd looked on
“How’s your father?” the man asked grinding the knife into the girls neck a little “oh right you refuse to talk to him, come on Damian your mother died years ago. Being part of a crime family that sometimes has casualties” he continued speaking

“Let her go she a child, she has nothing to de with this” Damian spoke calmly

“And if I don’t?” the man asked smiling

“Then face the consequences Ramon” Damian said moving quickly to the right……

Jun 19, 2006
A quick update :) The kids's situation is so heart breaking.. :( What's with Damian's family? :blink: Poor Anastasia, always threatened with a knife. Action started already


Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 17

In Russian, Spanish, and English


Grabbing a watermelon and sticking a two way dagger into as he yelled “duck” to Anastasia in Russian and threw it at him hitting him right in the heart.

“I told you to let her go” Damian said watching Ramon fall to the ground in what everyone else thought was a loss of air. But Damian knew that he was dieing because the dagger had hit him right in the heart.

“Lets go children com on follow me” Damian said and led the children back to the truck just as Ramon yanked the Dagger out of his chest successfully killing himself. Damian drove away knowing that no one would say a word seeing as many wanted Ramon gone anyway.

“You saved me” Anastasia said looking at Damian across the front seat hoping that he would some sign of caring.

“Yes, I did it was the right thing to do” Damian answered shooting down Anastasia’s hopes. When they got home Damian went on to make lunch as both children decided to go swimming once more.

“Lunch is ready, come eat” Damian yelled about an hour later causing Anastasia and Alexei to run in all wet.

“Go get the towels in the bathroom.” Damian laughed looking at the wet children, but quickly shook it off and spoke “go on now I don’t have all day”
Anastasia got towels and gave one to Alexei as both children dried off Damian served them sandwiches.

“I will leave food ready for you tonight, I have work to do” Damian told them hoping that the children would not ask any questions on what his activities would be that night.

“We want to go please don’t leave us here alone” Anastasia said but Damian shook his head “no you have to stay I need to do this on my own”

“You left alone yesterday as well why can’t we go dammit?” Anastasia yelled angrily

“Because you can’t you will stay here and that’s final” Damian yelled at her cruelly making both children jump back with fear “Now finish your lunch and go play or something.” Damian finished getting up leaving the children alone with their thoughts.

“Finish eating Alexei” Anastasia said drawing her brother’s attention back to eating his sandwich. Finishing their sandwiches about twenty minutes later, they cleaned and got changed, Anastasia put on some slacks that Damian bought her and Alexei put on his old slacks both wearing simple shirts. Damian out on all black and grabbed his black bag as he left his room. After making dinner for the children who read his the leaving room he grabbed an envelope form the leaving room table and spoke to them “I’m leaving, no one will come to this house because no one knows it’s here if someone does their here to hurt you. You get threw the bathroom window and get out. Run to the woods left of the road and you’ll find a hole about ten feet deep and five wide, it’s filled with food and blankets and covered by a wooden top that looks just like the ground Now listen to me right in front of it there is a tree with a red ribbon tied to the branch. When you find hole remove the ribbon, I know these woods well and I will find you. The ribbon I added yesterday to help you find it, do you understand” he said when both children nodded their understanding Damian nodded in return and left.

“Come on Alexei lets practice our gifts like mama and papa were teaching us before …” Anastasia began but then stuttered a bit at her face “Come on Alexei we have to master our powers that’s the only way were going to protect ourselves from Rasputin and avenge our families death”

“I want him to pay for killing them Anya I want him to pay” Alexei said with a venom that caught Anastasia by surprise.

They went outside and Anastasia stood in front of her brother “look at me and breath concentrate you thoughts on controlling your gift. Come on close them and empty you mind of all thoughts, breath in and out” Anastasia began but Alexei got frustrated and scoffed “What good is this anyway” other as he got up.

“Alexei sit” Anastasia began but Alexei refused to listen so Anastasia spoke to him more firmly “Sit now Alexei, remember it’s important for us to exercise our mental abilities”

“Why?” Alexei pouted as he sat down reluctantly “Mama always told us to practice so that way become stronger now come on clear your mind” Anastasia said a little more softly in order too get her brother to focus.

“Fine” Alexei breathed and closed his eyes breathing in he cleared his mind

Slowly his feet took the form of grains of sand and then his whole body turned into grains of falling and joining the sand on the beach as Anastasia opened her eyes. Anastasia watched as the grains of sand moved around and followed them to the ocean. Watching as the sand went into the water and transformed into water, then he stood up totally formed out of water and stepped out slowly turning back into human form.

“I did it Tasia, I did it” he said jumping up and down excitingly.

“Yes you did and you are already getting so much better” Anastasia said proudly
Then turned and allowed her mind to clear and as her eyes glazed over an electric ball circled around her. Alexei grabbed rocks from the grass and started to throw them at his sister. But they bounced the ball of energy that surrounded her. Anastasia then concentrated harder and surrounded a medium size boulder with electricity pulling it towards. As the boulder flew towards her she formed a ball of electricity in her hands and threw it at the boulder blowing it up into many pieces.

“I did it, I really did it” Anastasia said happily to herself relaxing her mind. Anastasia turned to her brother “you saw that Alexei, tell me you saw that” she spoke to him but quickly realized that Alexei was not paying attention but starring at the mountain behind her “What Alexei, what do you see?”

“Its un even” he said looking at Anastasia and when he saw that she was confused he elaborated “the mountain is un even, look the right goes down flat into plants that cover the base of the mountain but right at the edge of the left on the base the mountain leaving what looks to be a cave and those plants go right into the mouth and if you look more closely there’s paths leading straight to that part of the mountain hidden by those plants.
Anastasia looked and realized that her brother was right and then she spoke “let’s go check it out”

“Come on Lexei all we have to do is push the plants out of the way and then we can reach the path” Anastasia said entering the path with her brother right behind her.
The children walked towards the opening and with the sunlight they could see something covered by a rough brown blanket.

“Let’s uncover it Tasia” Alexei said starting to pull off the blanket to reveal a hidden car with bags in the back seat.

“What the …” Anastasia said looking at the truck confused

“I wonder why there is a truck hidden here?”

“We’d better cover it up its getting dark and I’m hungry” Covering the truck once more they went inside ate and after getting ready for bed they went to sleep. Once again Anastasia rocked Alexei to sleep and that night like every night before she allowed herself to cry as she fell asleep.

Hours Later:

Damian came into quiet house thinking about what had transpired in the day and how he had saved Anastasia once again “I can’t care about these children, that’s a weakness I can’t afford” he thought and pulled a hand revolver from his paint dropping his bag. Then he quickly went to Anastasia’s room and put a gun to her head but he just couldn’t pull the trigger. He let the gun fall to his side and watched the little girl chest rise and fall gently he caressed her cheek thinking about his daughter
“Papa” Anastasia mumbled drawing Damians attention to her once more as she turned over. Damian looked at her sadly remembering what both children had lost and then he quietly walked out of the room and went to bed himself refusing to allow himself to care about the children that lived with him now.

“I can’t let them in, they are a weakness, I can’t care” Damian thought staring into space but the sound of someone sobbing threw his attention. Damian got out of bed and walked towards the sobbing to stand right in front of Anastasia’s door. He listened for a moment “not my problem” he thought but as he began to walk away he stopped.
“Dammit” he swore when he couldn’t just leave the child crying remembering for a second how he could not bear to see the tears from his daughter. He turned and opened the door, stepping in he saw Anastasia holding her self in the corner of the room sobbing.

“Anastasia” he spoke reaching for her but Anastasia pulled away

“Leave me alone, you don’t care, leave me alone” she cried holding her knees tighter and pulling into herself. Damian got up to leave but he couldn’t his heart wouldn’t let him not a fact that he was going to admit to anyone never mind himself.

“You can’t stay there all night, come on get up” Damian said helping Anastasia up, then he went to get a wet clothe out of the bathroom. Getting into the bed and sitting next to her, Damian began to wash Anastasia face and arms. Damian wiped hair out her face and for a moment he saw his daughter Solimar. He quickly got out of bed and stepped back. “Just lay down honey” he said shaking it off and then stepping closer to Anastasia. Kneeling down in front of her he spoke “Look I if you just think of something happy that you went through with your family it will help you sleep, it always helped me” after Anastasia just whispered “ok” Damian got up and left the child alone with her thoughts

Anastasia watched him go wondering how a man could be kind and cruel at the same time. “He was nice but then something made him pull back” she thought for a second distracted from her sadness but then her attention was caught by the screech of her door as it opened and allowed her brother to step in.

“Alexei what’s wrong?” Anastasia asked quickly wiping away her tears

“I want mommy and daddy Tasia” Alexei cried as he climbed the bed and into his sisters arms “please bring them back please” he continued sobbing into his sister’s neck. At Anastasia held her little brother close to her in tears she spoke “Alexei I can’t, there gone”

“No don’t say that, that’s not twu please tell me that’s not twu” Alexei spoke looking into his sister’s eyes pleading with her to tell him different. But Anastasia still could say nothing “I …….I can’t ok, I can’t so stop looking at me that way. I don’t have all the answers I’m not mom I can’t anymore” Anastasia cried not able to hide her sorrow any longer.

“Don’t Tasia don’t cry, I’m here” Alexei said kissing his sister head just like there mother had done so many times before. “Don’t worry were going to get stronger and take care of Rasputin” Alexei said with a venom that shocked Anastasia out her tears.

“Alexei!!” Anastasia cried hiding the fact that she felt the same way with her shocked voice

“Anastasia he killed our family and he hurtz a lot other people. We have to stop him, we just have too. You know that I’m right and you want to get him too and you know it”

Alexei said angrily and then continued “I know that you miss them so stop hiding it. You’re supposed to tell me everything I’m your brother remember and I need a sister not a mother. So just stop acting like it because our mom is dead and you’re allowed to feel it.” Alexei finished more softly and then lay next to his sister falling asleep a little after.

“I can’t” Anastasia whispered when she heard her brothers breathing even out “I have to be fine so that you will be fine she said laying next to him and falling asleep herself.

“Anastasia sweetheart its ok open your eyes darling” a voice called Anastasia from in her dream and she slowly complied by opening her eyes.

“Mama” she yelled surprised and ran into her arms once more she allowed herself to cry.

“Cry my sweat cry its ok too” Alexandra spoke rubbing her daughters back

“But you told me not too, you told me to be strong” Anastasia said pulling away fro her mother angrily realizing that they were in the garden behind their castle.

“You told me to be strong and then you left me. Alexei needs you and I need you. You left mama” Anastasia screamed backing away and then falling to her knees. Alexandra quickly went to pick her daughter “I didn’t leave I was taken away. Anastasia look at me”
Alexandra said lifting her daughters chin in her palm “I would never choose to you leave you baby do you understand me” Anastasia looked at her mother and nodded then she silently waited for her mother to continue “You don’t have to be Alexei’s mother. Show your pain let Alexei in he needs his sister and best friend. Alexei needs you to be truthful and you need him in order to heal. Now you must be each others support and comfort together you can do anything. I told you to be strong because that night you were in direct danger and I needed you both calm. But now you are safe and you have chance to grow with each other use it. Listen to one another and help each other heal ok”

“It’s ok if I cry, I’m not weak?” Anastasia asked confused and in tears.

“No my love you’re human and you’re a little girl. It’s normal for you to feel and it the only way your heart will heal. Your father, sisters and I will be hear as long as you need us. But you must move on and live wonderful lives together” Alexandra said ignoring her heart breaking because she could not be with her babies.

“Not you must go” Alexandra said as Anastasia began to be pulled away from her mother.

“No mama let me stay little longer” Anastasia cried reaching for her

“You can’t darling, you must let me go. Feel Anastasia and live” Alexandra said more faintly. Anastasia watched as her mother got smaller and she was pulled away. Then she woke up with a jump in her room. Looking over she saw that Alexei had was gone and then the sound of voices from the kitchen threw her attention.

Jun 19, 2006
I enjoyed this chapter very much because finally we were given a glimpse of their powers..and oh killing with a watermelon was a very interesting idea :D


Jan 6, 2006
My brother got married saturday. With the wedding in all I'm a little behind on school work and my story. So their will be an update in the middle of this week


Jan 6, 2006
Chapter 18


Alexei woke up next to his sleeping sister and carefully got out of bed. After freshening up he walked slowly towards the kitchen staying just behind the corner as he listened to Damian read a letter had come to him by mail.

“His name is Luís Guerra Vara and he’s one of the Vara family, I want him taken out in two days. His head is worth 1 million pesos, has lo ahora” Damian read out loud and then continued to mumble the rest of the letter, not noticing Alexei listening around the corner.
After he heard Damian putting the letter away Alexei came around the corner and yawned drawing Damian’s attention

“Good morning Damian” Alexei said as Damian quickly threw the letter in his pocket and closed the black doctors bag that lay next to him. He got up and spoke “I’ll make you something to eat in a moment” and then left to his room forgetting the black bag.

Alexei quickly looked in it and his breath hitched when he say the weapons that lay inside “Whoa” he said and shut the bag when he heard that Damian was walking back. Alexei went grabbed a glass from the cupboard just as Damian walked in. He kept starring at Damian as he walked across the room wanting to ask but afraid of what Damian’s reaction would be. Damian’s voice brought him out of his train of thought

“Alexei what it is? Come on speak up” Damian said pushing the boy to say something

“Why do you have all those weapons? You’re an assassin aren’t you that’s why you have so much money.” Alexei blathered out with a venom that had never been there before and when Damian looked up in shock ready to speak Alexei cut him off “I saw the weapons and I heard you reading the letter, you’re an assassin” he finished in an excited tone which confused Damian

“You can teach me and help me avenge my families death” Alexei continued to Damian’s surprise “What?” Damian yelled “No” he finished

“Why not, Anastasia and I have nothing to loose. That man ripped our family away from us. Either way I’m going to make him pay and if you don’t help me I will die” Alexei said looking at Damian straight in the eye”

“So what” Damian said

“Don’t act like you don’t care if we weren’t important you would not have saved us or brought us with you. We are your responsibility and Rasputin will come for us, it’s just a matter of time. Teach us how to defend ourselves.” Alexei finished

“No” Damian continued but was interrupted by Anastasia walking in saying “Alexei’s right Rasputin will continue to hurt us unless you teach us how to defend ourselves physically and with our powers”

“What makes you two think that I care about what happens with you?”
“Fine if you don’t care then you won’t have a problem if I grab this” Anastasia said grabbing the revolver from his black bag.

“My father told a story about a drunken Russian who played a game later known as Russian roulette. He would spin the revolver and after it’s stopped he would shoot at his own head. The man did not die and many took the game as being a sign of courage. I’m courageous and I’m Russian so I’m going to play, I have nothing else to loose” Anastasia said as she spin the revolver and held it to her head “I just hope that you really don’t care so that if I blow my head off you won’t care and will not regret not telling me that you cared” Anastasia finished and then shot, nothing happened. Damian struggled to remember whether there were one or two bullets in the gun as Anastasia continued to take shots to her head. Just as she was about to take the fourth shot Damian’s hand flew out and pushed the gun away from her head sending the bullet into the counter.

Anastasia and Alexei starred at him both in shock for a moment then Anastasia spoke calmly “You care I knew you cared” she breathed

“Fine I will teach you but you will both do exactly as I say”

“Alright” both children agreed and then the three made breakfast and ate.

After giving both children one of his pants and shirts Damian brought both children to the back and started teaching them simple fighting movements.

“Ok the first move I will teach you is a right hook” Damian said spreading his legs one foot slightly farther up than the other and lunging forward his right arm with a fist formed by his hand.

“Now you try it, stand side by side, step forward with you right foot a little and then lunge out with your right arm.

Damian watched the children try the move “Alright again” he ordered and watched them try the move again, then again, and again. Observing he spoke “Alexei spread your legs a little keep you right foot slightly to the front of the left” he finished as he continued to observe he spoke the Anastasia “Tasia keep you arm straight and follow the punch through.” Then Damian taught them with the left arm and after he was satisfied that they had it pretty well Damian continued.

“Alright now I want you to sweep kick with your legs. First step with your left leg and then kick out straight with your right. As you right leg is in the air slightly to the left, you will sweep the leg from the left to the right and bring it back down beside you” Damian explained and then demonstrated. Like before the children tried the move over and over with Damian telling them what they needed to change. After he changed them to their right again making them do the move over and over calling out adjustments as they practiced. For hours Damian taught the children different moves and they memorized every move. When the sun went down Damian spoke “Alright that enough for today, now go get changed while I make dinner” Damian said and the children went in to get changed. When they returned dinner was made and set at the table “What is that?” Alexei asked looking at the plates in disgust “Rice and beans, try them there good” Damian said to the children. They sat down to eat while Damian went to leave the kitchen “I have already eaten and need to get changed. You eat I’ll be back” then he was gone leaving the children to their dinner.

20 min later

Damian returned to a clean kitchen and two fed children. He was all in black, with a black hat and the black bag at hand. “I will be back as soon as I can be. I want you to practice the moves I taught you ten times each and I want you both to run on the beach back and fourth for at least forty minutes everyday. Do you both understand, everyday”
When both children said “Yes we got it, everyday” Damian nodded and left, leaving the children to entertain them selves.



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there will be an update tommorrow night I am sorry for the delay is just that I could not get on the site for a couple of days it kept telling me that the server was busy sorry


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Chapter 19


Damian headed to the main city of Camaguey reaching it a week later Damian started to shadow his target around. Studying Vara’s movements and what he did on a daily bases, he noted that the man went to eat every day with the family at a club called Orgullo.

He also noted that there was a small building across the street as well as an alley that led to the back of that building for an escape. So after a couple hours he made his way to the top of a building across from the restaurant Orgullo, after setting up his rifle he laid on the building, which was only two stories high and waited for Vara to come out of the restaurant. Vara finally came walking out with a couple of his buddies. Damian watched him, taking slow breaths in and out as he watched slowly allowing himself to become Vara and guess his next movement.

Then when he felt ready he took the shot hitting him straight in the heart. Quickly he picked up his stuff and made it to his truck driving slowly out of the alley he had parked it in the street behind the building. Slowly he drove off, to avoid drawing attention to himself, back to his house knowing that the death of Vara will be heard of soon and then his boss would know that the job was done. Calmly he continued on his week journey back home.

In the house

Anastasia and Alexei had eaten dinner and now were getting ready for bed. The next morning both children got up put their exercise clothes on and headed outside to practice their movements. After they had spent two hours practicing and exercising they took off their clothes. The children then jumped into the water with only their underwear on and played for the rest of the afternoon. For that week their schedule was the same and they always ended up splashing into the ocean. On Sunday they woke and after their exercise they jumped into the ocean to bathe. Alexei turned to his sister confused

“Anastasia you took my side with Damian why?” Alexei asked floating in the water with his sister.

“You’re my brother not my son and it’s time I started acting like it by being honest with you” Anastasia began and then continued “I had to admit that I also want Rasputin’s head for what he did” Anastasia finished hoping that her brother would understand. Alexei nodded and then disappeared into the water. Anastasia looked around for her brother giggling as she played his game but when he didn’t come up after a few minutes she began to worry. Her heart began to race as she looked around frantically for her baby brother “Lexei Lexei” she yelled jumping in and out of the water. Then she saw it, her brother’s body floating about twelve feet away.

“Alexei” she screamed swimming towards her brother and flipping him over as she dragged him towards shore.

Laying him on the beach she started blowing into his mouth “Come on Lexei” she whispered continuing to blow into the boy’s mouth and then suddenly Alexei popped up and yelled “gotcha”.

Anastasia’s face twisted with anger and she got up knocked her brother into the ground and then marched into the house with out looking back.

Alexei watched her go a little confused with her reaction and then shaking off his shock he got up and ran after his sister “Tasia, Tasia” he said looking for his sister and as he entered her room.

Alexei stopped in his tracks when he saw that his sister lay on the bed crying. “Tasia” he said more quietly as he stepped towards his sister and laid his hand on her shoulder. “Tasia” he said again shaking her but Anastasia pulled away and spoke “Why do you play like that? Do you think it’s funny?” she said sitting up in her bed “Tasia I” Alexei began trying to defend him self but Anastasia cut him off “No, don’t you think that loosing my mother, father, and sisters was enough? That now you want me to know what it is like to loose my brother as well?” she finished tears raining down her face allowing her brother for the first time to see her pain and Alexei spoke wanting to comfort his sister “No I don’t want you to know that I’m so sorry Tasia I’m sorry for hurting you. Please stop crying Tasia please.” Alexei begged hugging his sister as she cried. This time Alexei held his sister until she fell asleep in his arms.

Sure that she was asleep Alexei quietly got out of bed careful not to wake her and went to make himself something eat. An hour later he finished with his dishes and went to check on his sister. After he say that she was fine he himself went to bed as well.

Two days later:
Damian arrived to an empty home and looked around for the children but when he did not find them after a couple of minutes his heart began to race.

He couldn’t understand why “I should happy their out of my hair” he thought to himself as he unconsciously continued searching the house. “Anastasia Alexei” Damian continued to call more urgently now afraid of what had happened to them against his own judgment which told him to just forget about them.

Running out the back door calling out “Anastasia Alexei” a faint “Ian” caught his attention. “Anastasia” he called once more turning towards her voice “Ian” Anastasia called drawing Damian attention to the boulder to the right of his house, which he had told the children not to play on.

Running over to the boulder he saw Anastasia holding on to it with her right arm and hanging on to an unconscious Alexei with the other. “felgercarb” he yelled as he dived into the water and grabbed both children pulling them into his arms “Hold on” he said and then concentrated on the beach behind his house.

After he could see the beach he imagined them their and when he blinked they were transported out of the water and onto his beach with a cloud of smoke.

Damian quickly lay Alexei down and breathed into his mouth as he tilted his head to the side and rubbed his chest. “Lexei breath” he whispered as he continued to breath into him and rub his chest then Alexei breathed letting out water as he opened his eyes. Anastasia leaned against her arm hiding the pain she felt and breathed a sight of relief when her brother breathed.

“Is Tasia ok? She was crashed against a rock before I was knocked out” he finished forcing Damian to look at a very rigged Anastasia. Damian got up and kneeled in front of her after he was sure Alexei was ok “Anastasia are you hurt?” Damian asked looking into the child’s eyes that were trying to mask the unbearable pain she was feeling at the moment.

“Tell him Tasia I’m fine” Alexei urged his sister hoping that she was ok

“It hurt here and I can’t feel anything underneath my waist” Anastasia whimpered pointing to her pelvis.

Knowing that he could not move her he grabbed both children hands and once more blinked. Anastasia was transported into a sitting position against her head board; Damian and Alexei were sitting right in front of her.

Alexei and Anastasia coughed violently. “Ooooh” Anastasia moaned the coughs hurting her wounds. As Damian starred at them he saw that they were blue and he got up quickly. Grabbing blanket and two of his shirt he tore the cloths off Alexei put his shirt in him and covered him with a blanket. Carefully he took Anastasia’s shirt off and covered with his them he gave her a blanket leaving her pants on, so as to not hurt her anymore.

“Stay with her I’m going to get a doctor” Damian said as he headed out quickly to fetch a doctor. A half an hour later he showed up with the town doctor and his two nurses, the doctor examined Anastasia carefully with the help of his nurses.

“Her pelvic bone is broken and so are many of her ribs. We will have to body cast her” he finished as his two nurses entered the room with the rest of the doctors things. The nurses brought in plaster of Paris role, which is a clothes powdered with Plaster of Paris, soap and a bowl of water. After the doctor injected her with Morphine to sooth her pain he spoke to the nurses.

“Clean her, Eliza and Mercedes. We will wait outside, be gentle” with that the doctor lead both Damian and Alexei to the hall. Twenty minutes later the nurse came out having washed the child. They carried the bowl out changed the water and then returned as the doctor went in and checked Anastasia.

“Are you ready? This will hurt a bit” he spoke gently as he began to wet the roles.

“Lift her by her arms carefully” he ordered his nurses who lifted the child off the bed allowing the doctor to wrap her pelvic. Then let her down carefully as he continued up her body finally reach her upper chest and neck.

“Alright Anastasia you must stay perfectly still and allow the cast to heal” he said as he took out many syringes from his case.

“Alright Damian she will have to stay in that cast for about a month and you will have to inject her with Morphine about every four hours for the next two weeks. If anything goes wrong please contact me” the doctor finished as the nurses finished loading their things.

Just as he was about to leave he heard Anastasia and Alexei both let out severe coughs and he turned around. Taking out tongue depressor the doctor checked both Anastasia and Alexei’s throats. After that he put his hand on their heads “they seem to both be starting fevers. Keep them warm and inject them with this penicillin every four hours.

They may have pneumonia so they will need a good amount of rest. Please contact me if they do contract pneumonia and don’t seem to be getting better. Also bath Alexei in cold water if his fever goes up and with towels and bucket of water do the same for Anastasia if her fever goes up. Then they nodded their goodbyes to the children the three left leaving Damian and the children alone.

“Alexei I am going to prepare warm water for your bathe stay with you sister” Damian spoke and then went to boil water for Alexei slowly bringing the buckets to the tub until he filled it up and after he was sure it was cooled Damian left the bathroom.

He returned to the children side “let’s go Alexei we have to get you bathed” he said taking Alexei’s hand and leading him to his room to grab a shirt, then to the bathroom.

“Are you alright to bathe by yourself?” he asked the boy calmly and when Alexei nodded yes Damian went to make soup. After he was done bathing Alexei put on Damian’s shirt and headed to his sisters room. Slowly he got onto the bed and cuddly with his sleeping sister, slowly Alexei fell asleep himself.

That’s how Damian found them when he brought a tray of two bowls of soup. Gently setting them down on the table he stared at Anastasia and Alexei “they remind me of my babies” he thought to himself “I almost lost them today and… why do I care that’s what I want, to be rid of these brats isn’t it?” he continued unsure “I cant care for them I can’t they mean nothing to me nothing” he said firmly lying to himself as he walked out of the room.

After having sat on the couch reading for hours he heard a “Bwaaa” coming from down the hall and quickly rushed to the children’s room. He stopped right at the door at seeing that both children had thrown up. Quickly he felt Alexei and Anastasia heads and realized that both had a fever.

Frantically he thought not wanting to leave Anastasia alone to bath Alexei and not wanting to leave Alexei there to long. “Got it” he said remember that ocean water was much colder than water from the well. He ran back forth carrying water into the house and dumping in the tub until it was filled to the brim, then he returned to Anastasia’s room. He stripped Alexei of his shirt and thought of the tub and transported it into Anastasia’s room, then he gently dipped Alexei into the cold water “It’s cold its cold” the child screamed as Alexei held him gently him to get used to the water temperature.

After he was calm Damian took his shirt off Anastasia and stated to gently bathe her with the cold water. He spent hours bathing both children terrified that he might loose them until finally at one am the next morning their temperatures broke. Damian carried a very cold Alexei to Anastasia bed covered him and then sat next to them keeping watch for the rest of the night.

The next morning

Damian awoke to a sobbing sound and he looked over at the children. Anastasia and Alexei both were shedding tears in there sleep. Damian got up and gently climbed in between them.

“Its alright shh it’s alright” he whispered holding them close in an attempt to comfort them in their sleep.

“Mama, please don’t hurt my mama please, let her go, please” she screamed

“Papa come back, come back” Alexei also yelled

Damian helplessly tried to calm Anastasia and Alexei but it was it was no use and he just held them allowing Anastasia and Alexei to sob. Until suddenly Anastasia screamed “Nooooo” and awoke in Damian’s arms, then Alexei screamed “Papa” and also awoke”.

“Your alright, your both alright I’m here” he spoke wondering when he had started to care for these children and had allowed them to seep into his heart.

“Damian are you crying?” Anastasia said looking at Damian curiously

“No of course not I” he said trying to take the focus off his eyes and the tears that he had not noticed shedding.

“You are crying.” Alexei said amazed at seeing Damian’s tears

“Why?” both children asked confused “You don’t care about anyone or anything. “Mommy said that you cry when you’re sad about something or someone you care about” Alexei explained.

“Yeah and you don’t care about us or anything” Anastasia spoke a little accusingly

“I I I I never said I didn’t care” Damian said defending himself

“Yes but you are always mean to us and you never show you care ever” Alexei said as a matter of fact.

“Alexei right you never showed you care so why the sudden change” Anastasia said it angrily.

“I’m sorry it’s not that I don’t care” Damian spoke trying to explain himself

“Alright so why are you picking now to clear it up” Anastasia said stubbornly

“I was terrified that I would loose you yesterday. I just want to be truthful now and explain why I have been so distant” Damian began and breathed in stealing himself for the truth that he would have to share “Rasputin killed my two children and my wife. I was getting a job done for my father and our family. I left them under my father’s protection and the protection of the Phoenix. When I returned my family was dead and so were the men meant to protect them. The Phoenix thought he was going to attack another family, they were wrong.” Damian finished trying to make the children understand

“So your family was killed like ours, no wonder you are so mean” Alexei said

“Your heart is dead that’s why your distant” Anastasia said understanding his reluctance to get close to them.

“Yes I mean no, I stopped talking to my father that day. I blamed him and the Phoenix for my family’s death. I swore I would never care about anyone or anything again.” Damian finished as he slowly got of the bed once more ignoring his true feelings and said “So you see I made a promise to myself and to those I love so I can’t care for you I just can’t. But I will protect you as long as I can until you safe. I will get breakfast ready and bring it up” with that Damian quickly left the room.

“No wonder he’s so distant at times” Anastasia wondered to herself as Alexei curled up closer to her.

“He’s still mean, we lost our family and were not mean to him” Alexei said as a matter of fact. They sat there for a while talking until Damian came in with their breakfast and all three ate together. Damian took the tray of dirty dishes and went on to clean the kitchen.

“Hey Alexei I am thinking of an animal” Anastasia said smiling remembering the game they would play with their family.

“Does it live in the water?” Alexei asked quickly catching on.

“No” Anastasia answered

“Does it live in the jungle” Alexei asked

“Yes” Anastasia replied

“Does it have fur?”


“Can it climb trees?”

“No, but it can go up tree’s” Anastasia said laughing at her brothers confused face

“It goes up trees but it doesn’t climb them, does it have four legs?” Alexei asks excitingly neither noticing that Damian had come back and was silently listening to their game from the door.


“Does it have paws?”

“No” Anastasia giggled out

“Does it have claws?”


“Is it bigger than a dog?”

“Yes some are bigger than a dog” Anastasia answered once again confusing her brother. But Damian then spoke from the door “Is it a snake?”

“Yes” Anastasia said both children turning to look at Damian surprised at his presence

“May I play?” he asked coming into the room as both children nodded yes. Damian injected Anastasia with Another dose of morphine as they began another round. The trio played for hour’s right through eating lunch and dinner until they were sleepy. Anastasia and Alexei fell asleep while Damian sat next to their bed watching. Staring at the children he thought of the wonderful time he had spent with them and how he felt alive with these children once more.

“No, they mean nothing to me. They can’t mean anything to me. They are a distraction and I have to get rid of them.” Damian thought but as he continued looking at them his heart melted “Who are our kidding they gave you life again you idiot and you love them even if you want it to appear like you don’t. You love them and there nothing you can do about it. They are so happy just like my Isomara and Jose and so full of life” Damian thought as he slowly fell asleep “But I can’t tell them I would be betraying my family and I can’t do that, I can’t” he finished as he fell asleep in his chair.

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Hey great!!You updated!! Damian's power is soo cool :D and he finally realized how much he cared for them. I just want to ask about a couple of things. Well, the setting of the story is in the past..1918 to be specific and you wrote that Damian shot Vara in the heart with his rifle from the top of a building and it sounded like something from today not the past..I mean the rifles of 1918 can't be that good right? or was Damian successful because of his powers? It's the same thing with the artificial respiration..Damian is an adult and may know about it but Anastasia is still kid and in the past kids were not as informed as the kids of can a kid from 1918 know about artificial respiration?


Jan 6, 2006
Hey great!!You updated!! Damian's power is soo cool :D and he finally realized how much he cared for them. I just want to ask about a couple of things. Well, the setting of the story is in the past..1918 to be specific and you wrote that Damian shot Vara in the heart with his rifle from the top of a building and it sounded like something from today not the past..I mean the rifles of 1918 can't be that good right? or was Damian successful because of his powers? It's the same thing with the artificial respiration..Damian is an adult and may know about it but Anastasia is still kid and in the past kids were not as informed as the kids of can a kid from 1918 know about artificial respiration?
Well the rifle back were not like todays. but he was not that far away from his target. I may not have pictured it well and I am sorry for the confusion. Damian was right across the street and the building he was on was only one floor high. He really didn't need his powers or todays technology. But he can use his powers to make abullt travel farther even if the gun is not powerful enough by just imagining the bullet coming out of his targets back. Anastasia did not know that it was callled CPR she only had an instinct as a gifted child that breathing into him, would help her brother. These children are highly intelligent so they know more than normal children and average child and have better instincts.
I hope this answers your questions.

The next updat will be on thankgiving break and it will be long and transitional alot things will happen. Right now I have three testto study for and two essays to wright so I will see you in about a week and 1/2. Your patience will be highly rewarded.
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