I am not sure if anyone here knows of the Sime Gen books. They were out of print for many years, and I have read and re-read them countless times and wrote som fan works in teh universe. I have been doing the happy dance for some months as they have al lbeen republished and four new ones to boot. The latest became available last week and I am half way through it.

Th eseries is abotu the human race mutating into two different kinds of man, one Simes, who drain teh life energy they need to survive from Gens who produce the energy but do not use teh excess.

The Sime has tentacles that rest in sheaths along the arms untill needed to hold and drain the Gen. Unfotunately this process kills the Gen. Th estories focus on a new mutation of Sime that can take teh life force, Selyn, from Gen without killing, and transfer that into a Sime who woudl otherwise kill.

Fantastic premis and great stories. Not even finished the newest oen and I want more.

The great thing about this univers is the author allows fans to play there.

Rant over, thanks for listening. :D:D