Announcements Site "Theme" Changes


Code Monkey
Staff member
You may have noticed that the default site theme has changed from the blue & pink magenta "Doo-Wop" theme to the grey & red "Detroit Steel" theme. It's just part of trying new things.

Don't worry, the old theme is still available if you prefer it! :smiley:

At the bottom of any page in the bottom left-hand corner you will see a link with the current theme name. For example, if you are seeing the grey & red Detroit Steel theme then you'll see "Detroit Steel" but if you are seeing the blue & magenta Doo-Wop then you'll see "Doo-Wop" as a link. If/when we add additional themes then the names will change accordingly. Click the link and you will see a pop-up menu with the list of themes that you can choose from.

Another way of changing your theme is to set your account preferences. While you are logged in click on your name in the upper-right of the screen and from the drop-down menu select the "Preferences" link. From the Preferences screen select the "Style" option to choose which theme your prefer. By selecting a style as a preference then you will always see that them when you are logged in even if the default theme changes.
Just a reminder... if you don't like the current default them colors, you can change your selected theme!

There are fans of both the light theme and the dark theme so we will continue to offer both and everybody can choose which they prefer. The default theme may change but you can 'lock in' your choice by changing your preferences as described in the first post above.

(Personally I like the light theme. :giveup:)
We've finally had a chance to work on the "Alien Soup" branding in the logo. :cool:

The soup color scheme works a lot better with the grey color scheme of Detroit Steel so for now we've made a hybrid version of Detroit Steel the default style.

You can still change your preferred style of course and we'll be trying to keep the existing styles available to be selected for those that prefer them. As time goes on we'll be tweaking the style and making adjustments so let us know your feedback on what you like or dislike.