Feedback Slow Response in Mozilla Firefox


An Old Friend
Kevin, You wanted feedback...

In Firefox, latest stable build.
On a PC home computer with a high speed plus internet connection by RS232 ethernet cable.

I'm suddenly noticing long page loads due to the Random Media not loading the additional photos in the slide.
When I hit my stop button only 3 to 4 photos appear.

I don't find it a problem but you said you wanted feedback.

Other pages without the random media load as normal.
I did not attempt to load any of the media galleries or sub-folders.
Note, if I force the side scroll the images load and scroll back as normal but the main forum page continues to not complete (as evidenced by the circular load graphic on my tab)
The page is completely loaded but continues to show as "Transferring data from Alien soup" as the mouse over location notification.
I let it sit for a full minute and it never finished.
Hope this helps.
All the while I was making this screenshot the page continued loading.


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The home page is still the same as it was before; only YouTube videos in the forum posts have been changed.

I downloaded the latest Firefox "Quantum" build to my laptop, I'll take a look when I'm back home. :)
I only said something because I noticed it since you asked for feedback on changes.
What gets me curious is that it is only on the forum home page - other pages load and complete normally.
I watch for long page load times - its the main reason I downloaded the stop button add-on.
Up until just recently, it has not been an issue here for me unless it is on a heavy embed page.
Never on the forums front page.

Like I already said
Its not a problem for me - just feedback
LOL, I noticed something about this last night.
When Kevin is not here, the page completes normally.
NOW, right now, Kevin is here and the page is again never finishing its load.
I posted this in a new tab so I am watching the load graphic for the front page and
NOPE, not finishing.

Its YOU Kevin, (points fat finger at Kevin) YOU are causing this issue...LOL
The home page is still the same as it was before; only YouTube videos in the forum posts have been changed.

I downloaded the latest Firefox "Quantum" build to my laptop, I'll take a look when I'm back home. :)
What is a Godzilla slow fox fire? I'm lost Kevin?
Tom, so far I've been unable to duplicate this. I'm running Firefox 57.0 64-bit on Win10.

The media slider on the front page gets loaded after the page loads but after all of the thumbnails have finished being loaded Firefox should stop as normal.

Are you using any Firefox add-ons?
My Current Firefox is 56.0 (32-bit) There is an update for 57.0 going to do it right now as soon as I finish this reply.


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I just opened the page in another tab and it loaded and completed as normal.
Given the choice of hitting the stop button once in awhile or losing all my speed dials and all the other felgercarb they put in firefox, I'll hit the stop button.

The speed dial they offer is stored in a cloud.
The whole set up is geared to intrusive marketing.
It put twitter, ebay, facebook and wiki on my start page
Flat out - I didn't like it at all and I did attempt to set it up using available options - NOPE

Looks like I am just going to have to keep the older version locked.

Luckily I found my firefox backup and restored from that.
Then I had to restore my speed dial backup too.

One of the reasons I chose firefox all those years ago was BECAUSE it was customizable.
I don't like Apps, the look of apps or the function of apps
Its one of the reasons I HATED win 8.
My browser is not supposed to tell me what sites I should go to.
My browser is not supposed to tell me anything except what I want to know.
That new version is ... intrusive and limited