Star Wars premiere tonight!


Code Monkey
Staff member
So is anybody going to be standing in line tonight for the big Star Wars III premiere at midnight? Is that where you are now? :P

If anybody goes tonight be sure to let us know how it is!

it's tomorrow in my city, i have to go to the cinema and watch this one! theres no waiting for the small screen version of films like this, kind of ruins the effect. and you'll be able to say when it's all died down that you actually went and sat in front of a huge screen with a huge stereo system and experienced it like the filmographers intended
Most likely I'll catch it on the tail end of it's theater run.... there's an IMAX theater near me and they usually show the major movies like on the giant screen so I'll try catch it there.
well, we have a ratpit of a cinema near us. the operators don't normally sort the sound levels right, cant guarantee the speakers are in A1 condition and the main screen isn't straight in the bottom right quarter :(

but it's normally still worth going to see films there (only the occassional film gets ruined, next time they do that i will be asking for a refund or replacement ticket to a night they can operate the equipment!)

reviews around the big sites by members of staff seem to suggest the film is pretty good in content, with only a few niggles that people aren't understanding why moire impact wasn't made of emotional moments, but the general consensus is that the plot joing the two triple series are filled in.
I'm looking forward to a weekend of all 6 back to back in order, with lots of coffee and 'no dose' with surround sound cranked up and curtains pulled shut. Yes the theater will be packed and they don't pause the movie for bathroom breaks. Anyone ever had pizza delivered to a theater?