Star Wolves (space combat release)


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Jan 16, 2005

This 3D space role-playing game lets players control a party of up to six bounty hunters on a variety of quests. DEMO 216megs

Star Wolves Company Line

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Star Wolves is a 3D space RPG with strategy elements. The game thrusts players into a world of freelance space hunters in the XXI-XXII Century A.D. during a time of political crisis for the all-powerful Empire andthe three mega-corporations that control all the known worlds.

Corruption prospers planet-side and only space can give a man his freedom: but space is not a safe place anymore. Pirates, Berserkers (AI computersthat rebel against humanity) and Empire patrol ships reign in space. Players begin the game as a bounty hunter with an old and decrepit space ship. As they advance in the game and prosper, there is a possibility of improving their space craft...but at a price.

Players can control a party of up to six bounty hunters. Each of them possesses different skills, abilities and personality. Teammates' characteristics change as players advance througth the game. Team tactics gives players vast opportunities in battles. When fire power isn't enough, one can use tactical ruses or spaceships' special abilities. Lay an ambush, use dust clouds or special stealth equipment and destroy outnumbering enemies!


  • Recruit and develop your team
  • Equip, repair your ships and buy new ones
  • Accomplish various quests and missions
  • Discover space
  • Gather bonuses
  • Defend and trade or kill and rob
  • Sells goods, amassed by robbery
  • Find and identify artifacts
  • Communicate with NPC's


  • Spectacular 3D real time battle system
  • Original blend of tactical and action gameplay
  • Variety of missions and mission-types including stealth, hit and run and assault mssions
  • Non-linear storyline and gameplay
  • Secondary and secret quests along with primary missions
  • Over 25 space fighters
  • Dozens of energy and missile weapons
  • Fascinating game universe with a myriad of objectives
  • A choice of six game characters, both male or female

isn't too often an intruiging game like this comes along!!!!!!