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Who doesn't like bacon?! :P The Bacon Forum is a new community for people who enjoy bacon, like bacon, love bacon, or are just looking for a spot to hang out.


So far it looks like the Bacon Forum will be a sister site to Cool Sci-Fi; if it is a topic that doesn't fit in here, try over there. :D

Link: Bacon Forum! 🥓


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Hot dog in bacon recipe? We put pork sausages in bacon, and call it "pig in a blanket"
Post a recipe over there! :D

What's interesting is that "pig in the blanket" has some different meanings depending on where you are. For most in the US the are mini hot-dogs wrapped in dough while the area I grew up in had a big Polish community and the name was used to describe stuffed cabbage. It has made for some interesting mis-communications over the years when somebody was expecting one and got the other.

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I don't eat pork. Does turkey bacon count? Mmm, turkey bacon. :P

Here's a product you can share with other pork lovers.