Sci-Fi The Crossing

Title: The Crossing

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure

First aired: 2018-04-02

Creator: Jay Beattie, Dan Dworkin

Cast: Steve Zahn, Natalie Martinez, Sandrine Holt, Georgina Haig, Tommy Bastow, Rob Campbell, Rick Gomez, Marcuis Harris, Grant Harvey, Jay Karnes, Simone Kessell, Kelley Missal, Luc Roderique, Bailey Skodje

Overview: Refugees from a war-torn country start showing up to seek asylum in an American town. Only the country these people are from is America and the war they are fleeing is 250 years in the future. The local sheriff with a past, a federal agent and a mother in search of her missing refugee daughter drive this allegory with a surprising conspiracy at the center.
The Crossing

GREAT series so far!!!

What makes it great? - Many elements that sci-fi fans love are here....

First - Time travel - Always hard to make even almost believable for adult science and sci-fi
fans who know it may not even be possible - But i succeeds here, it is almost believable.

Second - Genetic mutations producing a super being, well done here.

Third - Excellent acting, directing, not too much soap opera, and it keeps moving.

One of the best of the recent time travel series - may be a classic!

The Crossing Season 1 - Official Trailer [HD] | Prime Video
I really enjoyed this. It's just stupid to cancel it. So much potential!
I've noticed the major networks have a bad habit of canceling good sci-fi shows after one season.

For example:


If you are a conspiracy fan - Here is the conspiracy - If a sci-fi series is too intelligent and makes people think it has to be canceled - Current series running commercially now have 20 minutes of advertising per
one hour show - If you have at least half a brain and enjoy intelligent sci-fi you will not be able to stand
the advertising and will wait for it to be streamed elsewhere or to buy the dvd - Hence the dumber the
programming the better - Commercial television is garbage - And 'they' want it that way!!!