The Island : when a trailer says "watch me!"

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I guess it's because I've seen just about every b-movie made but every time I see reference to The Island I can't help but think Coma or The Clonus Horror. Why haven't ween seen any truly original movies lately?

Heck, when I see the commercial for the new War of the Worlds with Cruise the only reaction I have is to think about how much I like the original version.


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but when it comes to good scifi movies, half of them have been originally a short story by p.k.dick!!!! and this is getting advertised as a good movie, solid advertising, well ahead of time, it's not a STV job.

admittedly all the comments i've seen, based on the trailers for this movie, are saying it's not original material. comments from Logans Run to the favourite - Parts: The Clonus Horror (last seen on MST3K)

but trailers can be twisted to make the film look a different way to how it actually screens (and don't you just hate lame comedies where every joke appears in the 2 minute trailer!)

i think the advancing CGI technology, if not used as the primary funded part of a film, can make average movies give more enjoyment or at least happy memories after the event. and can we really point out any film where Ewan Mcgregor has acted poorly in? (remembers SW:Eps 1 and 2 and half of 3 and shudders.....) but seriously, every other film i've seen him in he's been fine and for his cost and level of want by the viewers, the film will be at the worst, average!


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i missed the series too, mainly because of the "western" element of it. whilst i was willing to watch the "western" element of Outland with Sean Connery, a whole series built on the theme seemed a bit strange to me. having watched the trailer i see General Hospital meets Wing Commander meets "western" theme

most of the people i heard talking about the series when it originally aired weren't pure scifi fans that i knew, but more the "plastic" scifi fans from the faceless masses.

how many people can sit down and watch The Puppet Masters and feel the exhillaration of the characters speed of mental processes and action taken? , will keep their mouths shut throughout THX 1148? although presentations like Pi go beyond the bounds of normalicy!!!

scifi for the masses or pure scifi for the more demanding? it's all about money most of the time. how much they can get back off their investment and how much "damage" do they have to do to a feature film to achieve it